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Although the wireless microphone is convenient, can you use it?

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Early microphones were connected by cables, so there is no problem using karaoke in recording studios or small spaces. It may be fine to sing a song quietly on the stage, but it is difficult to perform some dances. Therefore, when performing on stage, people tend to use wireless microphones.

The convenience of wireless microphones is obvious to all. In addition to stage performances, they are also widely used in KTV, conference rooms and other occasions. When using a wireless microphone, most users think that they can talk as long as they are connected to the device. In fact, there are many tips and precautions for using wireless microphones. If you don’t understand its working principle and features, you cannot use a wireless microphone.

wireless microphone

How does a wireless microphone work?

Wireless microphone, also called wireless microphone, consists of two parts: transmitting and receiving. Among them, the transmitting part is powered by a battery, and the microphone converts the sound into an audio signal. After being processed by the internal circuit, the radio wave of the audio information can be transmitted to the surrounding space.

The receiving part is usually powered by a power source. First, the radio waves emitted by the transmitting part are received by the receiving antenna, and then the audio signal is extracted through internal circuit processing, and then transmitted to the public broadcasting system through the output signal line, thereby completing the wireless transmission of the audio signal.

After understanding the working principle of wireless microphones, let's talk about what problems should be paid attention to when using wireless microphones.

First, pay attention to impedance matching

The output impedance of the wireless microphone is the same as the input impedance of the amplifier, which is a good match. If the mismatch ratio exceeds 3: 1, it will affect the audio transmission effect. Although it can also be used, there will be a significant loss of high and low frequency sounds.

2. Pay attention to the effect of working distance and close speaking

When talking or singing with a handheld wireless microphone, the working distance between the microphone and the mouth is generally 750px-1000px. If the distance is too long, the reverberation will increase; if the distance is too close, the signal will cause audio distortion and affect clarity. This is the "near language effect". When broadcasting at close range, low-frequency sound will be significantly improved.

Of course, the effect of talking about sound is not completely undesirable. Professional singers with rich experience and profound knowledge sometimes use this effect to change the sound.

Third, pay attention to the angle of the sound source and the wheat

The wireless microphone has a certain effective angle. Generally, the sound source should be aligned with the midline of the microphone as much as possible, because the greater the deviation angle, the greater the effect loss.

Fourth, pay attention to the placement and height of the wireless microphone

Sometimes, when we turn on the microphone, we hear a harsh sound, which is caused by the microphone being too close to the speaker. If we take it far away, we will be fine.

When using a microphone stand, the height of the wireless microphone should be the same as the height of the performer’s mouth, so as not to be too high or too low to affect the sound reception.

5. Take care to remove the battery in time

Wireless microphones usually require batteries. If the battery voltage drops, the sensitivity of the microphone will decrease and distortion will increase. Therefore, when not in use for a long time, remember to remove the battery in time. After the battery has been used for a period of time, even if the power is not completely exhausted, the battery should be replaced in time.

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