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How to correctly use wireless microphones to achieve better sound effects

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In stage performances, large-scale gatherings or TV shows, many users often find that many users feel very sorry for the wrong posture and improper use habits of wireless microphones. Because of the wrong use, not only can they not use the original Superior characteristics, and buried the original sound quality, the result is worse than using a cheap microphone.

Many sound controllers are only picky about the sound quality of the microphone itself. They think that as long as they have a valuable microphone or those who are satisfied with their own auditions, they can get satisfactory sound effects, but they don’t know how to guide users how to use the microphone correctly. Good sound quality. In fact, the microphone is only part of the sound effect of the entire audio system. If the user does not know enough about the collocation, adjustment and operation of the microphone and other audio equipment, even with the world's most expensive microphone, it will be difficult to show satisfactory sound effects! Just like a driver who doesn't understand the characteristics of the car and how to operate it, even if he drives a expensive sports car, he can't give full play to the power of the sports car. How to use the wireless microphone to show the excellent characteristics of the original factory, first of all, pay attention to the following basic usage methods:

1. Don't use it on the net head of the wireless microphone

Many performers use the method of holding the microphone mesh head with their palms, which is the worst posture that seriously damages the sound quality and directivity of the microphone. Using the microphone in this posture, even if the most expensive microphone is selected, it will also cause the original factory to have the highest quality. Good characteristics, and therefore lose the tone sandhi! The result of holding the mesh head with the palm is equal to isolating the sound circuit around the capsule air chamber or changing the resonance frequency of the air chamber, which will cause serious degradation of the microphone's front frequency response characteristics and the separation of the pointing characteristics, and the focus of the palm The effect causes a certain frequency of resonance and enhances the generation of feedback sound. Although the wireless microphone is convenient and safe to use because there is no entanglement in the connection, users often do not worry about the correct posture of holding the microphone, and arbitrarily grasp the net head of the microphone. Such a use posture will inevitably lose the original superior characteristics of the microphone. If a singer wants to use a microphone to reproduce the beautiful original sound of a singing voice, he must first learn the correct posture to hold the microphone. The posture of holding the microphone is very simple. Just remember one important principle: no matter how you hold it, don’t hold it on the net head of the microphone; the correct posture should be held on the tube of the microphone.

2. Grasping two wireless microphones with one hand is the most serious mistake
In TV shows, some politicians are often surprised to find that they are holding two or even three wireless microphones in one hand. This is a very wrong way of use. I don’t know if this is the request of the user or the "creation of the sound engineering company." "If it is the former's instigation, it is excusable. If the latter's professionals make such an arrangement, three big boards should be flogged!"
This is because when two transmitters with different frequencies are used close together, it will produce harmonic interference with internal modulation distortion. The closer or the more the frequency, the more serious the interference. A system that uses multiple channels at the same time will cause mutual interference and reception. The problem of instability is more serious.
In addition to the problem of high-frequency harmonic interference caused by two or more wireless microphones close together, the more serious is the phenomenon of audio phase and directivity interference of the microphone, which destroys the original normal sound quality of the microphone. When the audio phases of the microphones are the same, the outputs of the two microphones will be added together, which will increase the volume of the amplifier and generate feedback sound; on the contrary, due to the opposite phase, the output of the microphone will be subtracted, resulting in insufficient volume of the amplifier.
The directivity of the microphone will also interfere with each other due to the proximity of the two microphones, which will degrade the original excellent directional characteristics. The degradation of these characteristics is proportional to the distance between the two microphones, so users should avoid holding two microphones in one hand. Or use two or more wireless microphones at the same time to avoid deterioration of volume, frequency response and directivity. Maybe some people think that taking a few more can avoid that if one microphone fails during use, the other one can still be used. In fact, to prevent the abnormal use of the wireless microphone, it is not possible to solve it with this "two boats" method. On the contrary, this wrong use method will bring more serious characteristics change problems. It is recommended to use " Only by replacing "simultaneous" with "replacement" can the above-mentioned deficiencies be avoided. If multiple microphones must be used at the same time, the distance between the multiple microphones must be at least 30 cm apart to reduce the change in microphone characteristics.

3. Make good use of the distance between the wireless microphone and the mouth
When using a directional wireless microphone to sing, pay attention to the posture of holding the microphone. Because the distance between the microphone and the mouth, the sensitivity and sound quality will change significantly, especially because the sensitivity of the microphone is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the mouth, so the sound Performers with insufficient throat strength should not hold the microphone too far away from the mouth and turn on the loudspeaker volume, which will easily cause feedback sound; for loud throat singers, do not need to hold the microphone too close to the mouth, which will easily lead to Produce the excessive saturation distortion of the amplifier.
Furthermore, because large-aperture directional microphones have obvious proximity effect (Proximityeffect) characteristics, when the microphone is close to the mouth, the bass will greatly increase as the distance decreases. Therefore, if your voice is insufficient, you can use the microphone Move closer to your mouth and use the proximity effect to compensate for your bass effect, making your voice thicker and more magnetic; on the contrary, if your voice is too deep, you can move the microphone away from your mouth to reduce the proximity effect of the microphone and lower the bass The enhancement makes your voice clearer and brighter.

Use the distance between the microphone and the mouth to deal with storm noise
(PoppingNoise) is also very influential, especially for microphones with high sensitivity and strong bass response, storm noise will be more serious. In order to reduce the lack of this kind of noise, in addition to adjusting the optimal distance of the microphone, when purchasing a microphone, pay more attention to the model with good characteristics of preventing storm noise. The higher the quality of the microphone, the elimination of storm noise is designed. The more particular.
As mentioned above, the different use of microphones with the same characteristics will greatly affect the sound effects used. Therefore, singers who use wireless microphones should not only have a microphone with superior characteristics. The more important principle is to own one. Features a familiar microphone, constantly experience and practice the most correct posture, and know how to make good use of the distance between the microphone and the mouth, adjust the volume and tone that best suits your voice, and avoid the most troublesome storm noise. Demonstrate the better use effect of the microphone.

4. Avoid using the wireless microphone facing the speaker
Generally, wireless microphones used for singing use directional capsules. Therefore, holding the microphone while standing on both sides or behind the speaker will not produce feedback whistling sound. If you need to stand in front of the speaker, you must pay attention to the direction of the microphone and the speaker to be controlled at a certain angle, so as not to produce feedback sound.

The position of the wireless microphone is maintained at an angle of more than 90 degrees in the vertical or horizontal direction to reduce the occurrence of feedback sound. The front of the cardioid directional microphone is maintained at 180 degrees with the horn or the front of the super directional microphone is maintained with the horn. The feedback sound between 120 and 140 degrees is the smallest. If you do not understand the directivity of the microphone you use, and use it facing the speaker, it will easily cause loud feedback. Because the microphone and the loudspeaker face each other at the most taboo angle, under such an angle, any expensive microphone will easily produce screaming feedback.

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