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An article to learn how to buy a microphone

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The key to measuring whether a microphone is easy to use is the sound quality of the microphone. After all, a microphone with poor sound quality can only be used for display even if it has a good design. Nowadays, short videos are getting more and more popular, and wireless microphones are gradually being led by bloggers. There are more and more people who want to get started. Everyone’s focus is very unified, that is-which brand of wireless microphone has the best sound quality?
Which brand of wireless microphone has the best sound quality
1. Microphone classification
According to the working principle, it can be divided into two types: condenser microphone and dynamic microphone; the pole of condenser microphone is composed of two pieces of metal film, and the distance between the films produces different capacitance. This kind of microphone is called condenser microphone. Condenser microphones are characterized by high directivity, and most of what you see in the recording studio are condenser microphones.
The so-called dynamic microphone uses a coil to cut magnetic induction lines in a magnetic field to convert acoustic signals into electrical signals. The sensitivity of dynamic microphones is lower than that of condenser microphones, and it is not easy to pick up ambient sounds. It is often used in environments such as stage performances.

Second, the parameters that need to be paid attention to when purchasing
① Sensitivity
The so-called sensitivity refers to the microphone's acoustic-electric conversion efficiency. The default unit is millivolt/Pa. The higher the sensitivity, the higher the input level that the microphone can provide, and the higher the improved signal-to-noise ratio.
We can often see omnidirectional, cardioid, super-cardioid, and figure-8 on the microphone. What do these mean? The so-called directivity refers to the range of the microphone. We can choose microphones with different directivity according to our needs.
Omnidirectional: The sound-receiving range is centered on the microphone, a circular sound-receiving range, which is generally suitable for chorus.

Cardioid pointing: The cardioid pointing is more common, and the receiving range is directly in front of the microphone, which effectively suppresses the sound on the back and on both sides. This type of microphone is used in most recordings.

8-character direction: The radio range is front and back. This type of microphone is used for recording needs such as duo duet.
Third, the parameters that affect the sound quality of the microphone
①Frequency response
The frequency response refers to whether the output signal of the microphone will change with the change of the frequency when the microphone acquires the sound of different frequencies, indicating whether the output signal can present the characteristics of the real original sound.
②Signal to noise ratio
The signal-to-noise ratio represents the ratio of the microphone output signal voltage to the inherent noise voltage. The larger the signal-to-noise ratio, the less the clutter in the signal and the higher the sound reproduction.
③Dynamic range
The dynamic range refers to the electrical frequency difference between the maximum value of the undistorted output signal of the microphone and the minimum value of the output useful signal. Too small a dynamic range can easily cause sound distortion.

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