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How to choose the vocal recording microphone correctly

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How to choose the vocal recording microphone correctly
I believe that many friends who are radio stations and those who have just entered the broadcasting industry will be confused about the choice of microphones in vocal recording. How to choose microphones with different specifications, prices and performance? Is it more suitable for our own voice and broadcast characteristics? Today's microphone manufacturer, Guanxing Electronics, starts from the simple, telling everyone how to choose a vocal recording microphone that suits you.

1. Classification of microphones
Faced with the various types of microphones on the market, which type of microphone is suitable for recording our lives? First of all, let us first understand the types of our common microphones.

Dynamic microphone
The working principle of a dynamic microphone is exactly the opposite of that of audio. When sound waves vibrate the metal diaphragm, the voice coil connected to the diaphragm will vibrate along with it. The voice coil vibrates in the magnetic field of the permanent magnet and generates an electric current (electric signal). Therefore, in practical applications, such a microphone does not have enough dynamics. The frequency that can be captured is narrower first, but it is better than the low price, but students who want to record their own vigorous dynamics should carefully consider it.

Condenser microphone
Condenser microphones use a thin metal/plastic film to induce sound pressure to change the static voltage between conductors and directly convert it into electrical energy signals. Generally speaking, condenser microphones have a wider frequency response and can capture low and high frequencies well. Compared with dynamic microphones, they are more sensitive and have a better frequency response, but they are not as robust as dynamic microphones. Condenser microphones have switchable directivity, so you can adjust it according to different placement requirements. This makes condenser microphones more practical in recording.
TIPS: Some students will be questioned by the large and small diaphragms when they were purchased. In fact, it is the size and specifications of the diaphragm that the microphone vibration picks up and senses the sound pressure. Small diaphragms are usually not as wide as large diaphragms in the pickup frequency band and dynamics, but they can pick up high-frequency bands well.

Ribbon microphone
The basic working principles of ribbon microphones and dynamic microphones are very similar. The magnetic induction line is cut by the aluminum tape to generate a weak current, thereby generating an electrical signal. The ribbon microphone is the kind of microphone that people see on the screen early and early. It has a very strong frequency response and brings a pleasant experience to the human ear. The high frequency of the sound recorded by the ribbon microphone will be softer and less sharp, the middle frequency is very full, and the low frequency is thick. However, the capture of details is generally not as good as condenser microphones, and is not as robust as dynamic microphones. This type of microphone, in our actual use, is not recommended to everyone unless there is a special need.

Second, the choice of microphone
So the question is, what kind of microphone is suitable for recording vocals? Want to know the answer is to keep trying different microphones, and then choose the type of recording that suits you. If there is no such condition, you can refer to several points to choose the microphone. According to our needs for recording vocals, in fact, we recommend that everyone try to use large diaphragm condenser microphones. Of course, if you want to record other instruments such as guitar instruments, I suggest you choose a dynamic microphone.
Tips: Due to the high sensitivity of large-seismic film condenser microphones, it is recommended that your recording acoustic environment must be as quiet as possible to reduce reflections, and a spray cover must be added to prevent the occurrence of "spraying".

The right situation is that there are enough microphones to choose from. Just as different microphones are prepared for different customers in a commercial recording studio, there are two main benefits of having more microphone choices. One, you can try different microphones and observe which timbre suits which vocal characteristics. For example, you can use a condenser microphone to capture details and a wide range of frequency response, use a ribbon microphone to capture a mellow and warm tone, and then use a dynamic microphone to capture a powerful and thick tone. When you start downmixing, you can combine the soundtracks recorded by different microphones and balance each other to achieve the overall effect you want.

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