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Tips for improving the quality of microphone recording

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-09-23

1. Turn off other noisy equipment on site
If you have any noise-producing equipment in the room that has nothing to do with recording and radio, turn it off. Generally, indoor noise-producing devices include electric fans, air conditioners, or air purifiers. The noise from these devices will affect the quality of the recording. Your audience does not care whether you are too hot or too cold. What they care about is Can clearly receive the message you want to convey, and have a good listening experience.

2. Make good use of the directivity of the microphone

Put all the equipment that can not get rid of, but will make noise, in the blind spot of the microphone. Each microphone has its unique directivity, and has different radio effects for different angles of sound sources. In environments where a single person faces a microphone and speaks and records, usually a cardioid pointing microphone is used to face the speaker. At this time, behind the microphone is a blind spot for radio (poor radio effect). If you have a very noisy live broadcast equipment (such as a computer fan), you can move the microphone so that the back of the microphone can be the source of noise from the computer fan, which can greatly reduce the noise interference and make the recording effect better.

3. Keep the microphone as close to your mouth as possible
If you are recording in a room that has not been acoustically processed, try to get as close to the microphone as possible. This can greatly reduce the echo in the room. The main source of echo is the sound of your speech, which bounces back through a smooth and hard surface and is picked up by the microphone. Echo may be very effective in some music-type recordings, but it is usually very disturbing in recording dialogue. The main effect of the microphone being close to the mouth is to improve the signal-to-noise ratio, that is, the direct sound received by the microphone from the mouth will be much larger than the echo received from the room.

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