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The choice of wireless microphone

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The quality of the manufactured wireless microphones has been significantly improved due to the improvement of consumer requirements: the price has dropped greatly due to fierce competition from manufacturers. Therefore, some smaller manufacturers, in order to win orders, are not committed to the development of more advanced models, but to produce cheaper models to attract consumers. As the saying goes: "You get what you pay for." Consumers often choose low-quality products because they are greedy for a little bit cheaper prices. Some consumers are either too superstitious about the brand, or misled by manufacturers' false advertisements. So that the money spent is not worth the fare. How to choose a model with excellent value for money, first respond to the quality positioning you require, and further understand the principles of how to evaluate the quality of wireless microphones, in order to choose a satisfactory product.

Wireless microphone products are products designed by combining audio and wireless communication technology, and are completely different from the technology and equipment for manufacturing wired microphones. Therefore, wired microphone manufacturers that also manufacture "microphones" may not be able to manufacture wireless microphones and wireless communication products. Manufacturers of, may not be able to manufacture good wireless microphones. Only those with long-term sound technology and wireless high-frequency technology background can manufacture good wireless microphones. A few years ago, SHURE, the manufacturer of wired microphones, often advertised that its wireless microphones were as good as its wired microphone SM-58. That was an advertisement that misled consumers! Because wireless microphone products are very different from other wired products, the use effect is very closely affected by environmental conditions. Therefore, a high-quality wireless microphone cannot be designed in the laboratory in the short term. It needs to be used for a long time. After actual use in a variety of different environments, the designer will give back the gains and losses to the design engineer, and then through continuous development and improvement, a good product can be manufactured. Therefore, to choose a good wireless microphone product, you must choose a person with a technical background and long-term manufacturing experience.

Excellent characteristics

1. The appearance model has a design conforming to ergonomics and aesthetics:

The tube body of the handheld wireless microphone has a size and beautiful shape suitable for hand-holding. Generally, the traditional tube body is in the shape of a bamboo tube or trapezoid. Not only does it have no aesthetic feeling, it is also not suitable for hand-holding, especially for the use that is prone to sweating. In addition, it is not easy to grip and slip off. The shape suitable for hand grip is the double inner curve shape with a smaller diameter in the middle than the ends. It is like a Chinese Guanyin bottle or a woman's waist. It is not only beautiful in shape, but also easy to hold.

2. Hand-held microphone should use advanced hidden antenna design:
The big difference between humans and monkeys is that they don’t have that tail. Earlier wireless microphones have an external antenna at the end, but advanced wireless microphones overcome technical difficulties and no longer use outdated external designs. Instead, they adopt a perfect hidden antenna design, which makes the wireless microphone easy to use and beautiful. The advantages of failure will not be broken.

3. To assemble a good sound capsule:
The quality of the sound head determines the quality of the wireless microphone. There are two types of capsules, moving coil and capacitive. The moving coil uses a coil loaded on the vibrating membrane to convert sound energy into electrical energy signals in a high-density magnetic field. There are certain limits on the voice coil characteristics of this type of sound head. But the basic structure is simple, the price is cheap, and it is a popular model on the market. Condenser microphone is a microphone with a higher technical level in combination with electronics and structure. Its pronunciation is to use the change of the capacitance between the poles to directly convert the sound into an electrical energy signal with an ultra-thin gold-plated vibrating membrane. The main feature of condenser microphones is that they can show extremely clear original sound quality, wide and flat high and low frequency response, very high sensitivity, large directivity and dynamic range, low distortion rate, light volume and drop resistance, low touch noise, widely used in recording Room, stage, testing equipment and other equipment. The disadvantage is that it needs to provide a bias voltage (Phantom Power), but because the wireless microphone itself has a power supply, the condenser capsule is a match for the wireless microphone, so that all the advantages of the wireless microphone can be used. MIPRO wireless microphone is a product equipped with a condenser capsule.

4. The microphone should have the superior characteristics of low touch noise:
The hand-held wireless microphone has an impact on the normal sound quality due to the frictional touch noise between the hand and the palm during use. Especially the wireless microphone itself has a sensitive preamplifier, which makes the performance of this touch noise more serious and becomes a technical bottleneck. . Generally, wireless microphones have no design experience, and in order to reduce manufacturing costs, they use simple circuits, low-cost capsules, poor suspension design and cheap tube surface treatment, so the sound quality is not clear and can not overcome the significant touch of the microphone. Noise degrades the original sound, so choose a high-quality wireless microphone, and pay special attention to the choice of clear sound quality and ultra-low touch noise.

5. It has the function of eliminating interruption or instability of sound:
The signal emitted by the wireless microphone is attracted and reflected by the surrounding environment, causing the signal received by the receiving antenna to have a blind angle, which causes the output sound to be interrupted or unstable. This phenomenon is not allowed to occur, especially in occasions. . In order to solve this shortcoming, the complete effect can only be obtained by adopting an advanced automatic selection receiving system. Generally, the popular low-cost dual-channel receivers on the market do not have this automatic selection receiving function, and the above shortcomings cannot be avoided, so they can only be used in short-distance home karaoke occasions. In venues or users who value audio quality, choose the model of the automatic selection receiving system to meet the requirements of sound quality and obtain a perfect performance.

6. It has the function of preventing loud noises caused by interference during standby:
Most receivers generally have a mute control function (Squelch Control). When the power is turned on and there is no microphone signal input or the signal strength is lower than a certain signal-to-noise ratio, the mute control circuit will close the output circuit, and the main receiver is completely muted to prevent noise Output. When the microphone signal is turned on, the receiver immediately closes the mute circuit and opens the output circuit, allowing the audio circuit to output the microphone sound. But when the microphone power is turned on and off, or when the microphone signal is turned off, occasionally encounter signal interference that exceeds the mute control strength. The receiver mute circuit will also be activated by these impact noises and interference noises to output loud noises. In order to solve this deficiency, the so-called "audio lock mute circuit" is installed in the model to suppress it. The principle is to add a fixed super audio modulation signal to the transmitter signal of the microphone: at the same time, a discriminator is also installed inside the receiver, so that when the receiver receives the microphone signal containing this fixed super audio modulation signal , The output circuit can be activated to prevent interference from other signals or noise. In order to protect your valuable audio system from being damaged by loud noises, choose a model with a sound code lock and mute function.

7. With multi-channel non-interference function:
The major technical bottleneck in the use of wireless microphones is the problem of signal interference, especially the more frequencies used, the more serious the interference problem. Therefore, when multiple wireless microphones are used at the same place at the same time, interference should be avoided, in addition to physical selection. In addition to the frequency that does not interfere with each other and avoiding adjacent external signal interference, the receiver must have good selectivity, and the emitted and received radiated harmonics must be filtered to a very clean level to avoid signal interference. Generally, a receiver in the VHF band can be used for 12 frequencies at the same time, which is already very good, and MIPRO products can use 24 frequencies at the same time without interference, even under certain conditions, specially designed and Arrangement can achieve more frequency simultaneous use.

8. To solve the problem of simultaneous use of multiple channels and avoid interference, a multi-channel series model that can be digitally locked to change the frequency should be selected:
The traditional wireless microphone system is designed with a fixed frequency locked by quartz. This type of model cannot change the desired frequency arbitrarily when it needs to be used in multiple channels or encounter strong signal interference, and the whole unit is replaced. In order to solve this deficiency, advanced models adopt phase-locked frequency synthesis (PLL Synthesized). Dozens of frequencies are pre-stored in the transmitter and receiver to allow users to change arbitrarily, although the cost of this advanced design is relatively high. , But it provides a very convenient function for distributors and users to solve the above-mentioned deficiencies. MIPRO has already produced a complete series of products with advanced design and reasonable price.

9. To avoid frequency "congestion" or signal interference, products with digital lock UHF channel system should be selected:
Due to the excessive use of wireless microphones in the VHF200MHz frequency band, the problems of mutual signal interference and noise interference from various electrical appliances have become more and more serious. Therefore, the frequency used by the class wireless microphone is gradually increased to the UHF frequency band of 800MHz, and the PLL phase lock circuit is adopted. The preset multi-channel design can be switched arbitrarily, avoiding interference from other signals and general electrical noise, and obtaining a suitable use effect. Because the circuit design of UHF frequency band is more complicated and the high-frequency parts used are also denser, the price is still high, and there are fewer mass-produced manufacturers. However, UHF models are a high-quality choice and gradually become a popular trend in the future. . MIPRO still has a full range of models and complete peripheral equipment in mass production.

10. Products that have certification and passed the inspection of telecommunications regulations:
High-quality wireless microphone products are manufactured by certified factories and must be certified by various countries' radio laws and regulations before they can be sold and used legally. Consumers should choose certified products to use, so that the quality can be guaranteed.

Collect evaluation
The basic data sources for purchasing products are catalogs and magazine advertisements provided by manufacturers. However, manufacturers with small scale and incomplete equipment cannot provide correct values at all, which prevents consumers from understanding, analyzing and comparing from catalogs. Some manufacturers even use catalogs and advertisements to exaggerate facts and mislead consumers' psychology. However, quality is not spoken by the mouth, but is manufactured. Smart consumers can obtain the correct quality evaluation by carefully analyzing the actual products of the manufacturer, actual testing, and relative comparison in today's advanced information technology.

in conclusion
Choose a wireless microphone product that suits your needs and feels satisfied after using it. In addition to understanding the above-mentioned reference principles, you still need to collect more relevant information by yourself and listen to the actual comparison in order to buy the value for money. The product. However, the technological products are changing with each passing day, and the functions are constantly updated. Since you want to buy a new product, you must choose the advanced models of today. Even if the price is a little bit more expensive, you don’t have to hesitate. The superior advanced products are worth you First possession!

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