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What are the precautions when using digital silicon microphones

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-09-17

A digital silicon microphone is a microphone with an integrated analog-to-digital conversion function that can directly output digital signals. No need to play, avoiding interference and distortion caused by analog transmission.

Compared with traditional analog microphones, digital silicon microphones have the advantages of strong anti-interference ability, low cost, and miniaturization.

To connect a wireless digital silicon microphone, your system must have a mixer or digital preamp (microphone amplifier), which is a front-end device used to process microphone signals. Without these front-end equipment, the signal from the microphone cannot be processed, and the rear power amplifier cannot be amplified. So what are the precautions when using digital silicon microphones? Let's take a look together.

1. Do not aim the digital silicon microphone at the main amplifier to avoid howling.

2. Hold the middle or lower part of the microphone in your hand. Don't hold it too tightly. If you hold it too tightly, you will get tense, and the lines of your fingers will not show up.

3. The distance between the microphone and the mouth should not be too tight. Do not stick the digital silicon microphone to your mouth. When singing in a loud place, keep the digital silicon microphone away from your mouth. When the sound needs to fade out, you can also use the method far away from the digital silicon microphone.

4. Pay attention to control the text at the beginning, and don't spray wheat. However, the mouth and the digital silicon microphone must be kept at a certain angle to avoid direct air flow to the digital silicon microphone.

5. If you use a wired microphone, please be careful not to trip over the microphone cable.

6, remember not to shoot the microphone, and do not blow the microphone to measure the microphone. Will cause great damage to digital silicon microphones. Wheat can be pronounced directly. For example, you can match the sound of the previous program and make a similar sound to try wheat. If it is an open field, you can say some phrases to try wheat (for example, are you ready? Hello everyone, ok, etc.). In addition, in the concert scene, it is important to have good speakers, which are usually placed on the floor of the stage entrance, facing the singer's ears, allowing the singer to accompany and use his own voice. If you do not listen well, it is common to sing out of tune.

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