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What are the precautions for using wireless microphones? How about the microphone?

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The wireless microphone is composed of a number of pocket transmitters and a centralized receiver. Each pocket transmitter has a different working frequency. The centralized receiver can receive voices of different working frequencies from each pocket transmitter at the same time. Signal. It is suitable for occasions such as stage podium.

The following are some precautions for various microphones:
1. When using, you should first adjust the volume control of the speaker or mixer to the minimum, then connect the phantom power supply to the microphone, then turn on the power switch of the phantom power supply, and adjust the volume slowly from low to high to avoid When the speaker receives an impact, the distance between the speaker and the speaker is increased. Try not to make the microphone and the speaker face each other.
2. The recording microphone is very fragile. You must be careful not to drop it from a high place or give it a strong impact. Pay special attention not to overturn the microphone holder when the wire is pulled. Impact may reduce the sensitivity of the recording microphone or even damage it.
3. When the microphone is not in use, it should be stored in a dry and clean place. Avoid storage or use in places where the temperature and humidity are too high, so as not to affect the sensitivity and tone. The recording diaphragm will accelerate the corrosion of the metal material due to water, and it will Short circuit of internal circuit wires.
4. The distance used during recording is between 20 and 50 cm according to the sensitivity of the recording microphone itself. Too close to the recording microphone is prone to popping and popping. It is best to add a spray cover between the recording microphone.
5. If there is noise in the sound, it may be that the microphone head is not installed in place, or the sensitivity of the microphone head is set too high, or the frequency point used is interfered.

1. Problems that operators should pay attention to when using wireless microphones:

1. Problems that should be paid attention to before use: The operator should carefully check the wireless microphone before the performance, connect the system correctly, set up the antenna reasonably, and ensure that the microphone is in a normal working state. The main points are as follows. In order to avoid the phenomenon of no sound in the wireless microphone during the performance. Check whether the battery box is in good contact and whether the battery is charged; turn on the receiver first, check the RF meter head, make sure there is no RF interference in this channel, and then turn on the transmitter; check the microphone mute switch to ensure that the wireless transmitter and microphone Always in working condition; hang the bodypack transmitter antenna downward on the waist belt to avoid sagging and bending due to gravity, which will affect the transmission effect. Do not allow the bodypack transmitter to directly contact the human skin, because the actor easily sweats during the performance, which affects the normal operation of electronic equipment; to avoid carrier frequency deviation, please do not directly contact the bodypack transmitter with metal objects, such as keys, belt buckles, etc. ; Do not stack the receivers together to avoid mutual interference between the receivers.

2. Issues that should be paid attention to during use: During the performance, pay attention to whether the RF signal indicator is normal to prevent interference from external wireless signals; avoid stacking multiple wireless microphones that are turned on when handing over the microphone. And do not get close to the receiving antenna to avoid intermodulation interference and affect the use of wireless microphones; if there is noise in the sound, it may be that the microphone head is not installed in place, or the sensitivity of the microphone head is set too high, or the frequency point used may be interfered. The main reasons are as follows. There are interference sources (such as mobile phones, walkie-talkies, cordless phones, etc.) in the venue. In this case, you can try a set of frequencies. When changing to a new frequency, it is best to change the frequency of the receiver first and find the receiver’s If the RF signal light has no interference frequency, then change the frequency of the transmitter. Poor reception conditions in the venue (for example, there are pillars in the venue, metal equipment, glass reflections in the venue, walls or corners in the sound control room far away from the venue, etc.) will affect the normal reception of signals. Usually the following methods can be used to solve the problem. Try to use a diversity wireless system (ie, one microphone, two antennas), because the receiving range of the two antennas is larger. You can change the direction and angle of the antenna to improve the reception. If the receiving environment is really bad, such as the sound control room is not in the venue, just extend the antenna to solve the problem. Emergency method: take a video cable 10-15 m, connect it to the antenna of the original receiver, and install it where it can receive Just go to the signal. When you need to replace the battery of the wireless microphone in use, turn off the power of the microphone first, then replace it, and then turn on the microphone switch.

2. Issues that entertainers should pay attention to when using wireless microphones:
1. Do not hold the mesh head of the microphone. Because the receiving part of all microphones has a certain degree of directivity, if you hold the grille part with your hand, the directivity and frequency response of the microphone will be changed. It will also produce feedback, whistling and other effects due to the gathering effect of the palm.
2. Do not hold the antenna transmitting part of the microphone. In general handheld microphones, the transmitter circuit and antenna are located at the lower part of the microphone (the end far from the microphone head). When a human hand touches the antenna, most of the radio frequency energy is lost because it cannot enter the air, which reduces the use range of the wireless system and affects Receive the effect.
3. The distance between the microphone and the mouth should be properly maintained. When using a handheld wireless microphone, it is generally better to keep the distance between the microphone and the mouth at 5-10cm. Too close will produce a close-talking effect, and too far to sound very light, which will destroy the sound quality; when using a lavalier microphone, it is necessary to prevent The microphone is too far away from the mouth, try to be as close to the mouth as possible; when using a headband microphone, it is necessary to avoid the mouth directly facing the microphone head and avoid the impact of the vocal airflow. You should move it to both sides.
4. Avoid pointing the microphone directly at the speaker. If the microphone is pointed directly at the speaker, a closed loop is formed for the entire system, which will produce positive feedback (howling), which must be avoided.
5. Try to avoid placing two wireless microphone transmitters close together to avoid intermodulation interference.
I believe that with the development of people's living standards, wireless microphones will be popularized in every one of our families, but everyone must pay attention to the series of precautions mentioned above when using wireless microphones.

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