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How to choose a wireless microphone? What are the home wireless microphones

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The biggest change in recent years is the web live broadcast platform. Whether you are a professional singer or a business anchor, you need a clean-sound logistics microphone with as little environmental noise as possible, or because the anchor wants to show in front of the live audience Beautiful singing voice, the requirements for microphones are also relatively high at this time, and condenser microphones have become more and more common. The editor is here to introduce you to a few of the more used microphones, which can be roughly divided into the following categories;

First of all, do you know the classification of microphones? The specific ones can be divided into the following categories;

A dynamic microphone uses a coil to cut magnetic lines of induction in a magnetic field, and the current generated by it converts sound signals into electrical signals. Since there is a diaphragm inside the dynamic microphone, and the diaphragm cannot be guaranteed to be thin enough, the performance in the high-pitched range is relatively ordinary, and the response to sounds with relatively low volume will be somewhat poor.

Condenser microphone

Although the cost of condenser microphones is higher, condenser microphones can record more overtone elements and details than dynamic microphones, and will be better than dynamic microphones in terms of high-frequency extension and low-frequency response. It is more suitable for recording radio dramas, dubbing, blogs and other occasions where no background noise is received as much as possible, so it is generally used in professional recording studios and other places.

Dynamic microphone

Dynamic microphones are not all shortcomings. First of all, the price of dynamic microphones is relatively cheap, and the operation is simple, which reduces the barrier to purchase a lot. And the performance is very stable, and the directivity of the radio is also very good. In many occasions, such as KTV, where there is no particularly high requirement for sound quality, the microphone is a moving coil.

KTV uses a dynamic microphone

Some people want to do their own webcast, or record some audiobooks and dubbing by themselves. But the dynamic microphone can easily record the surrounding noise, so the recorded sound will be very noisy. Under this condition, it would be inappropriate to choose a dynamic microphone.

If there are higher requirements for sound quality and sufficient funds, condenser microphones are a good choice. The core component of a condenser microphone is composed of two ultra-thin metal films. When the sound causes the metal film to vibrate, changes in capacitance will be produced, and these changes can produce measurable signals. However, condenser microphones generally need to be connected to a 48V phantom power supply, and also need to be connected to an amplifier or a mixer to work.

USB Microphone:

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