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What issues should be paid attention to when choosing a wired microphone?

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-08-21

Many people use microphones to sing and broadcast live, all need to use microphones, so what should be paid attention to when buying wired microphones?

How to choose the right wired microphone?

1. First of all, depending on the purpose, it may affect the purchase of the microphone. Professional audio equipment stores have microphones for singing and live broadcasting, and they have different functions. Choose to buy after inquiry. If there is no special requirement, you can choose similar response and low noise.

2. Confirm whether it is suitable for mobile phone or computer microphone. Different mobile phones have different matching microphones for Android, Apple, etc. Computers usually have their own microphones. To buy an independent wired microphone, know whether the computer allows plug-ins, and how to work.

3. Whether a wireless microphone or a wired microphone is required, the operation of the wireless microphone is simple, and users can use it for free. Wired microphones have length limitations, which is sometimes inconvenient, but there are pros and cons when using them, please consider carefully.

4. Need to move the microphone, need the polar microphone, the sound quality of the mobile microphone is better, it will feel comfortable in your hand, but the price is more expensive than the polar microphone. Microphones that reside on polar bodies are durable and more common.

5. The way to buy a wired microphone is to buy it in a physical store, one is to facilitate sound testing and warranty, and the other is to have the same price and quality. Some online purchases are cheap, but the quality is difficult to guarantee. When watching, there is no special noise when switching the microphone, the sound is clear, and the fidelity is good.

6. When choosing a wired microphone, pay attention to whether there are any defects in the work. Doing something wrong will affect Mike's responsiveness. In contrast, the quality of a microphone that looks heavy, thick and beautiful will be good.

Common sense of daily maintenance of wired microphones

Wired microphones can also use volume regulators in public address systems to protect amplifiers. The volume adjuster can prevent the user from controlling the output volume of the microphone, thereby preventing sudden volume loss, threatening the audience or damaging the audio equipment. The function of the volume limiter is not to correct the speaker’s accent and frustration, but to help the speaker communicate in a clear and gentle tone.

1. Wired microphones will affect the sensitive electronic components of the microphone, so avoid exposure to liquids or high humidity. In addition, it is worth noting that earplugs suitable for the size of the external ear canal should be selected to avoid squeezing and squeezing.

2. When cleaning the earphones, a soft cloth, a little warm water and some soap is enough. But pay attention to the amount of water and soap used, and don't let water or soapy liquid penetrate the microphone.

3. For wired microphone lines, wipe them regularly. This part of cleaning is much simpler. But pay special attention to the microphone plug to avoid poor contact in the future.

4. The microphone should be stored in a clean and dry place. If possible, please put it in a box or bag. Similarly, the storage area of the microphone should also maintain the temperature of things, not too high or too low. If the microphone can be folded, according to the guidelines, reduce wear when not in use.

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