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What are the common problems in wired conference microphones?

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Wired microphones: What are the common problems in wired conference microphones?

1. Wired microphone: Sometimes the microphone of a wired conference will make a split sound?
This problem is usually a problem with your microphone cable and you need to re-solder the microphone cable. You only need to cut the thread under the end of the thread and reconnect it. If there are no conditions, just change the line.

2. Wired microphone: During the meeting, the microphone sound of the wired meeting suddenly becomes smaller, and there is communication sound in the speaker. Is there any reason?
Check whether the network cable of the microphone line is disconnected, whether the plug is connected to the socket steadily, even whether the ground wire on the microphone socket in the machine or the ground pin of the microphone socket is welded, and whether the microphone ground wire is disconnected or in poor contact.
3. Wired microphone: What should I do if there is noise because the conference wired microphone is too close to the speaker? How does it work on the tuning board? How far is it from the sound to be no noise?

The noise rang out with high frequency. Add an equalizer between the mixer and the amplifier to adjust the frequency of the equalizer. Pull down one by one if you find an effect, then pull it down, if it doesn't work, return to the original position. Without inserting an equalizer, turn the HIM and LOW handles to the left in the microphone path to check their effects and adjust them. Or adjust the position so that the position of the microphone is not suitable for the sounding area of the speaker.

What is the difference between a wired microphone and a handheld microphone?

Connected radially. That is to say, the microphone line starts from the adjustment platform, and several microphones put several microphone lines on the microphone at the end. When the radial structure is actually used, each microphone has a line connected to the sound meter, so there are many and mixed lines around the sound meter, which are easy to pull, entangle, and knot, and it is not easy to manage. Repairs after failure are also troublesome. The advantage of the existing conference system is that the microphone malfunctions and will not affect the use of other microphones. Hand conference system: The microphone ends the serial connection mode, that is, after the first microphone receives the conference host, pull a line from the first microphone, connect the second microphone, and then pull a line from the second microphone to connect to the second microphone. Three microphones are connected to dozens of them in sequence. So I named the hand conference system. All microphones are powered on time.

How to connect a wired microphone to a TV
1. First, please prepare the audio cable and microphone
2. Locate the headphone output port on the TV
3. Connect the audio line to the input port of the TV host.
4. Use another audio line to connect audio.

Wired microphones become wireless microphones. Theoretically, a wireless transmission module can be added to the microphone, but it may be more troublesome in actual operation.
1. Proficient in electronic circuit design, production and welding technology
2. There must be a certain amount of wireless technology.

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