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What components are needed to use a wireless microphone?

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The wireless microphone system is mainly equipped with two components: 1. Transmitter 2. Receiver

The microphone diaphragm is the main factor that affects the sound, and the wireless system itself should not affect the sound.


There are two types of transmitters—handheld and bodypack—that can send sound to a wireless receiver near the mixing console without a cable.

Handheld transmitter: The handheld microphone transmitter integrates the transmitter in the microphone handle, so a unit has two functions. The unique feature of the Shure wireless system is that the microphone heads are interchangeable, so you can choose the most suitable microphone head according to your application.

Bodypack transmitter: Lavalier, headset and instrument microphones, and guitar cables must be plugged into the bodypack transmitter to send audio signals. The stylish, lightweight waist bag can be conveniently clipped to clothes or guitar straps.

Head-mounted: (Head-mounted vocal microphone): Durable, comfortable, and easy-to-position head-mounted microphone can provide excellent vocal pickup for any active user settings.

Lavalier vocal microphone (clamp-on vocal microphone): Various sizes, strong concealment, excellent professional audio sound quality; can provide full and clear sound for speech and vocal applications.

The wireless receiver processes and converts the signal from a handheld microphone or bodypack transmitter into an electrical signal, and then sends this electrical signal to a guitar amplifier or mixer through a cable.

Diversity receiver:
The so-called "diversity" receiver has two separate antennas to ensure consistent reception of the signal. If the signal on one antenna becomes poor or noisy, the other antenna can receive it, avoiding frequency drop and noisy signals. All Shure wireless products have diversity reception, which has the highest reliability compared with non-diversity systems.

USB Microphone:

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