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How to deal with broken sound and noise in wireless microphone

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-08-10

1. The main reasons for the interruption and noise of the wireless microphone in use:
When the antenna is receiving, in addition to the direct wave of the transmitted signal, it also receives the indirect wave reflected by the surrounding environment. When the two phases are opposite, the signal strength will cancel each other out, and the signal strength on the day of the online signal will be low. At the mute operation point of the receiver, the phenomenon of so-called "receiving blind spots" occurs, and then the output of the receiver will appear short-lived or noisy. The closer the signal strength is to the mute operation point, the greater the noise.

2. The principle of "True-Diversity" (True-Diversity) reception and the effect of improving interruption:

"Automatic signal selection" is to use two tuners with identical specifications and antennas connected to different positions to receive the signal from the same wireless microphone transmitter, using a fast comparator and switching circuit to automatically select no "dead spots" The antenna signal output. Using this dual-antenna and dual-tuner receiving method, when the signal is weak and long-distance reception, the probability of interruption can be improved by more than five times than that of a single antenna. If the signal strength is increased by about three times (10dB), then It can be improved by about forty-five times or more, and if it is used at a general close distance, there will be almost no intermittent sound. The higher the sensitivity of the receiver, in addition to the longer the receiving distance, the fewer the number of interruptions, and the lower the noise that appears when the signal is weak to close to the mute operation point.

3. To ensure the perfect sound quality of the wireless microphone, you must choose the "automatic selection" model!
Generally, wireless microphone manufacturers use simple single-antenna "Non-Diversity" (Non-Diversity) receiving circuits to reduce manufacturing costs and sell them at low prices in the market. This kind of "non-automatic selection" receiver can't avoid the trouble of interruption and deterioration of noise in a more complicated environment or a place where the reception is far away! Therefore, in order to ensure the perfect sound quality in places where singing sound effects and professional audio are important, the "automatic selection" model must be used! Although the "automatic selection" model is more expensive, it is the only choice to meet the quality requirements of the wireless microphone to avoid interruptions and noise.

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