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What to do if you encounter a blind spot with a wireless microphone

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-08-09

For blind spots (that is, sometimes no signal is received in a certain place in a venue, sometimes with a handheld microphone, the person does not move but the body is slightly shaken, and the signal may sometimes disappear), this kind of thing is really hurtful In my mind, for the average user, they always think that the quality of wireless microphones is not good. In fact, there are several reasons:

1. There are indeed sources of interference in some venues--the current communication tools are developed and diverse, such as mobile phones, walkie-talkies, cordless phones, etc., all of which interfere with each other, and there are metal equipment and glass reflections in the venue. This happens.

2. The reception conditions of some venues are not good--for example, there are pillars in the venue, and the sound control room is far away from the venue, there is a wall or a turn, etc., which will affect the normal reception of signals.

How to solve this situation? The following empirical summaries are for your reference:

1. For some, you can try a different set of frequencies, because some interference sources may just conflict with the frequency of this set of microphones. Changing a set of frequencies can often solve the problem. If there is a column in the field and the receiving environment is not good, try to buy a single-transmit and dual-receiver (ie one microphone, two antennas), such as SHURE’s EUT 24 /58, because the two antennas have a larger receiving range, such as People are talking while walking. At this time, the two yellow lights of the receiver are both on, indicating that they are in all directions; if the yellow light on the left is on, it means that the left receiving antenna is within your left speech range. Once you walk out of the left receiving range, Enter the right range, the yellow light on the right will light up immediately, and the antenna on the right will work immediately. This ensures that your speech is received in all directions

2. Sometimes you can change the direction and angle of the antenna to improve your receiving conditions.

3. If the receiving environment is really bad, you can choose a multi-frequency adjustable wireless microphone, such as SHURE UC, UD4, etc. The American SHURE company recently launched two multi-frequency adjustable wireless microphones ULXS standard version and ULXP professional version. It is different from the previous frequency selection method. It automatically scans the surrounding frequencies and eliminates it. , The rest is the usable non-interference frequency, and 20 sets can be used at the same time.

4. If you encounter more demanding reception conditions, such as the sound control room is not in the venue, or there are pillars, walls, etc., after our test, the problem can be solved by extending the antenna. The emergency method is as follows: take a video cable, About 10 ~ 15 meters, remove the antenna of the original receiver (or buy one) and connect it to the video cable, and then install the antenna where you can receive the signal after testing. Of course, this needs to solve the process problem. The cable line should be as dark as possible. If the open line is routed, it should be neat and standardized, and the antenna should be better-looking, which will not affect the reception and be beautiful and firm.

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