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Assembly steps and precautions for wireless microphones

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After you have completed the assembly of the wireless microphone several times, you will feel that assembly is a very simple task. Let's learn how to assemble a wireless microphone with the editor of
1. No matter what type of transmitter you use, make sure you always use new batteries. The service life of the battery varies according to the differences of the system. For the specific service life, please refer to the user manual. The best way is to change the battery if the usage time of your battery exceeds half of the usage life recommended in the user manual.
2. Make sure the transmitter is closed.
3. Turn on your receiver.
4. If your system has an active frequency selection function, press the "Select" button of the receiver. It will actively search and locate a suitable frequency.
5. Temporarily lower the volume or level of the receiver.
6. Turn on the transmitter.
7. If your system has the function of active transmitter installation, press the "Sync" button of the transmitter, and it will lock on the frequency selected by the receiver. Check the LED display or level meter of the receiver to make sure it receives the signal from the transmitter. Then, control the volume of the receiver to a "normal" level.

8. Now schedule the audio gain of the transmitter. This is the key to getting the best sound and level! You may need a screwdriver for scheduling. Sing or speak loudly into the microphone, and gradually increase the gain until the receiver's "RF level" or level meter occasionally turns on and off to show the pitch when the sound is loudest.

9. Walking around the performance venue, it is not a good idea to check the "power" display screen or RF level meter of the receiver. It should be able to show enough signals to receive within the covered area. If the signal is interrupted, the receiver or its antenna should be built from the beginning to ensure that the signal can be better received.
In short, setting the appropriate input gain is the most critical step in scheduling a wireless microphone system. Setting it too low will result in too much noise; setting it too high will cause serious loss of realism and/or tightness of the dynamic range. Scheduling the input gain of the transmitter is equivalent to setting the sound recording level of the mimic sound recording machine. The characteristics and control function of the wireless transmitter are very important for the precise setting of the gain.

The interval between the transmitter and receiver of a wireless system has a great influence on the signal-to-noise ratio. The farther the transmitter is from the receiver, the worse the signal-to-noise ratio and the weaker the signal of the transmitter. When the system is close to the limit of the control range, the frequency of the intermittent signal is higher, and the background noise (hissing) is more pronounced.

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