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Does wireless microphone also have TWS mode?

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-08-06

Wired headset
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Bluetooth unilateral earphone/Bluetooth stereo neck hanging earphone
Bluetooth receiver connected to wired headset
Then there is the TWS headset

I tried it out many years ago when the Bluetooth unilateral headset was born. It feels very sci-fi, but unfortunately I can only listen to it loudly, without stereo. When the Bluetooth neckband headset appeared, I also tried it. Generally speaking, the experience is good, but it is still a little uncomfortable if the neck sweats in the summer.
I was thinking at the time, will there be a better plan in the future? Finally, airpods were born. But the moment I saw it...

The size is too small, so a special storage charging box is necessary. I think this is simply embarrassing our otaku.
Some people’s ears are deformed or asymmetrical. For example, I can’t hold my earplugs in my right ear. Many people seem to be equally troubled.
I have to say, as far as my personal experience is concerned, the neck-hanging style may still be the best solution at the moment. Of course, it is certain that this idea of Apple has earned enough eyeballs.

This year, domestic TWS headsets have also exploded in an all-round way, and advertisements are overwhelming. Not only are there old audio brands such as Harman, I also tested Huawei's freebuds3 a while ago. This promotion mentioned the TWS headset with vlog function. Of course, today we are definitely not talking about this to advertise voluntary labor for others, but to talk about Sabine Smart Micro's TWS model.

When it comes to TWS, its most proud technology is not its small size and wireless, but the realization of stereo sound in a completely separated state. Compared with the original unilateral Bluetooth headset, TWS achieves stereo listening, and the neck-mounted or Bluetooth receiver has simpler technology than TWS, because it only needs to transmit one Bluetooth signal, and TWS needs both to have Bluetooth signal reception capabilities and Distinguish between left and right channels.

The TWS mode of Sabine Smart Microphone has the same principle as airpods. Both use Bluetooth technology to achieve stereo, but the purpose is completely opposite. Because the music we often come into contact with is stereo, it is natural for headphones to distinguish between left and right ears. But the microphone is not the case. If a person speaks, the sound source itself is mono, so there is no need for stereo recording. Use one device to record two wireless microphones. This is the one-for-two mode often said in the field of performances. No one has ever done it on the mobile phone. Maybe you have seen a wireless microphone that claims to be able to do it, so I want to talk about it here. This (referring to other wireless microphones) is not essentially different from the one-to-two wireless microphone technology used in the show. Both use 2.4g or U-segment signals to transmit and one to receive, and connect to the mobile phone with a wire from the receiving end. The technology and convenience used by Zhimai's Bluetooth direct connection to mobile phones are completely different.

Wouldn't TWS headsets work? Sorry, this really doesn't work.

Because no one has done the concept of Bluetooth microphone in the past, the TWS headset is only designed to distinguish between the left and right channels for listening to music. On the recording channel, only one of them can work, and the recording is still a low-quality mono signal.
Now that two independent working stereos are available for listening to music, isn't it just a simple Q to make a dual stereo recording? Sorry, it really doesn't work.

Limited by the signal bandwidth of the Bluetooth channel, the evolution from a single Bluetooth signal to the dual-signal transmission of TWS can be said to be a technological revolution. And the recording channel without a sense of existence did not get a piece of the pie in this technological revolution. Here, Zhimai can say frankly, otherwise, why do you think I claim to be the world's first Bluetooth microphone? That's black technology!

As a Bluetooth microphone, Zhimai has a lot of black technology on it. It has been mentioned many times in previous articles and videos. Today we will only talk about his TWS function. After connecting two smart microphones to the same mobile phone, it realizes the function of a TWS headset, and the two play the left and right channels respectively. Here comes the point. You naturally want two independent recordings and a stereo function. Zhimai has it. This is not because two smart microphones have microphone capsules. Sabine uses its own developed swiss Bluetooth protocol, which has a much higher bandwidth than common earphones on the market and supports two-way CD-level stereo for listening/recording (TWS earphone recording is low-quality mono).

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