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Precautions when purchasing wireless conference microphones

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-07-23

In recent years, with the rapid growth of digital conference systems and other high-tech technologies, wireless microphones have gradually become frequent speakers in most conference activities. Stages, exhibitions, conference venues, etc. can be seen almost everywhere, bringing a new experience in the age of technology to all walks of life. The same number of users increases, and it must be accompanied by various response problems.

The role of wireless microphones in meetings is huge. As a well-known audio and video solution provider, the most frequently asked question of Mei Lei is: What should I pay attention to when buying a wireless microphone? What type of wireless microphone is suitable for meeting scenes?

In fact, when choosing a wireless conference microphone, there are three main points:

1. Listening quality: In a meeting, when the speaker is speaking, a clear voice is required. Therefore, when choosing a suitable wireless conference microphone, pay attention to whether its sound quality is clear, whether the sensitivity is high, whether the distortion rate is small, and whether the noise is low. When choosing, test the sound of the wireless conference microphone to see if the sound pickup is satisfactory.

2. Look at the directivity of the microphone: Each meeting room has its own style and the layout of the speakers is also different, so when choosing the directivity of the microphone, you need to pay attention to the layout of the meeting room.

3. Look at the anti-interference ability: In the era of rapid development of wireless technology, electronic products are updated at a fast speed. During the meeting, electronic product interference is a very common phenomenon. Therefore, if you want a good conference effect, you should choose a wireless conference microphone with strong anti-interference ability.

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