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Comparison of wireless transmission technology of infrared, WAP and UHF

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-07-22

With the continuous improvement of my country's international status and scientific research level, various large-scale international conferences are increasingly being held in my country, and various domestic conferences have also put forward higher new requirements for conference system standards. The traditional wired conference system has stable and reliable performance, strong confidentiality and is not susceptible to interference, but it affects the appearance and increases the complexity of installation and maintenance. At the same time, many conference venues are large in scale and beautifully decorated. Some conference systems based on wired communication networks will undoubtedly bring complicated wiring work, changes to the original facilities of the venue, and impact on the appearance of the venue. Therefore, a wireless conference system that does not require a wire connection is extremely attractive to users.

The wireless conference system uses a digital network that can wirelessly transmit information within a local area, and without changing the original facilities, can accurately, quickly and safely transmit conference information to participants. Therefore, the design of wireless conference system equipment has received extensive attention from manufacturers in related fields at home and abroad. In the future, wireless conference systems are likely to replace the existing wired conference systems and become the mainstream of future conference systems.

To understand wireless conferences, you must first understand wireless transmission technology. Here is a brief introduction to several common wireless transmission technologies:

1. U-segment wireless transmission technology

Ultra High Frequency (UHF-Ultra High Frequency). UHF band refers to the UHF radio wave with a frequency of 300~2000MHz, 2000MHZ-3000MHZ generally or 2.4G technology.

Features are:

■High stability

■Long reading distance

■Higher communication speed

The wireless microphone system of Audio-Technica and Haotian basically adopts UHF technology, which makes its products have the characteristics of long transmission distance, good sound effect and stable signal.

However, due to the large frequency bands and wide range of use, the analog U-band technology is prone to cross-frequency and eavesdropping, and has poor confidentiality. The digital UHF technology developed in recent years has effectively changed this problem. The all-digital UHF technology has good confidentiality and will not Due to the good transmission and stability of the U-segment, more and more manufacturers apply this technology.

2. Infrared technology

The infrared conference system is currently considered to be a new type of conference system with more promising development.

Features of infrared communication technology:

■ It is a wireless connection technology widely used worldwide, supported by numerous hardware and software platforms;

■ Realize wireless data transmission and reception through mutual conversion between data electrical pulses and infrared light pulses.

■ Mainly used to replace point-to-point cable connection;

■ It has the characteristics of not being able to penetrate obstacles, which effectively guarantees the security and confidentiality of meeting information;

■ The installation is cumbersome and the cost is high;

The infrared conference system uses infrared technology. Both the stability and the tedious and convenient installation are lacking. Previously, there is no need to worry about interference and eavesdropping. The current 2.4G, all-digital U-segment can satisfy. Aunt's market share continues to shrink.

And need to pay attention to some limitations of infrared technology. When installing the system, the distance between the equipment and the infrared signal transceiver is usually relatively short, usually within 10 meters, and should be far away from other infrared light sources (such as fluorescent lamps, plasma screens, etc.) to avoid interference.

3.WAP technology

WAP is the abbreviation of Wireless Application Protocol. The wireless application protocol is also called the wireless application protocol. It is currently widely used and is an open global standard for communication between digital mobile phones, the Internet and other personal digital assistants, PDAs, and computer applications.

In terms of work, for business people who are always in control of everything and often compete with time, WAP can provide users with the latest first-hand information on the market, which fully meets the needs of users' business and work.

In terms of life, no matter where users are, they can access the Internet through WAP and perform various online banking services. In terms of entertainment, WAP also provides users with a brand-new consumption model. No matter where you go, you can do whatever you want. With friends and even other WAP users, go online, play games, and share the fun of WAP.

BOSCH's DCN wireless discussion system uses this wireless technology. The highly acclaimed wireless access point can provide a strong and consistent connection to a space of about 40 meters (164 feet) in radius. WAP can be deployed in the center of the meeting room to obtain the best coverage, or it can be moved to the most suitable location in the meeting room.

Although WAP has its powerful advantages, it must also be pointed out that WAP has limitations in terms of technology, which mainly exist in two aspects:

WAP equipment and WAP bearer network:

WAP devices are limited by CPU, random access memory (RAM), read-only memory (ROM), and processing speed.

The WAP bearer network is a low-power network. Generally, the bandwidth in an office environment is mostly 11M. The inherent characteristics of WAP bearer network are low reliability, low stability and unpredictability.

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