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Professional UHF wireless microphone manual?

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-07-09

The design of wireless microphones is mainly used for professional stage performances, sports venues, high-end KTV rooms and halls, school classrooms and multimedia rooms, and high-grade homes. It is used in conjunction with professional power amplifiers, stereos, karaoke machines and large-screen TVs. . But if it is a professional UHF microphone, it needs to have the following characteristics:

1. Equipped with a mesh head locking structure and equipped with a high-strength anti-collision steel mesh head, in the business premises to prevent customers from disassembling the microphone and causing damage;

2. Using a simple button switch, there are no other buttons or adjustable parts on the appearance of the microphone, which completely avoids malfunction caused by misoperation;

3. There is a hexagonal anti-rolling rubber ring on the mesh head, which is not easy to roll on the desktop; there is a protective rubber sleeve at the tail of the microphone, which is not easy to be damaged when dropped;

4. Automatically search for idle channels, quickly and accurately find channels without interference, which greatly simplifies the debugging work in engineering installation;

5. Audio code mute design (digital pilot), with audio code lock function or identity recognition function, completely eliminate interference and frequency channeling: the signal transmitted by the microphone contains the audio code frequency; after the receiver receives the signal , It will detect the tone code frequency in the signal. Interfering signals will not contain this specific tone code frequency, so the receiver rejects interfering signals that do not contain tone code frequencies, which greatly improves the receiver's anti-interference ability. This function satisfies the occasions where multiple products are used at the same time, such as stage performances, KTV private rooms, school classrooms, etc.

6. The specially designed sound head is balanced and adjusted according to the characteristics of the human voice, so that you can speak or sing easily.

7. Equipped with automatic mute and impact elimination circuit to avoid the impact and noise when the machine is switched on and off, and prevent the atmosphere from affecting the scene or even damaging the sound reinforcement equipment; 8. The inside of the microphone adopts a dual boost circuit design, and the transmission power will not be reduced when the battery voltage drops , Will not shorten the operating distance.

UHF wireless microphone

Interfering signals are turned away. Squelch doors are generally set during product production and can be suitable for most applications. When the squelch gate is set relatively low, the receiver can receive weaker signals, which reflects that the receiving distance is longer, but the anti-interference ability is weaker, and weaker interference signals can also be output through the receiver; When the gate is set higher, the receiver's anti-interference ability will be stronger, and the receiving distance will be shortened. The microphone needs to be closer to the receiver in order to have a signal with sufficient strength for the receiver to receive and output.

1 Set up and turn on the receiver

Set the receiver's volume knob to a lower volume position, and also adjust the volume knob of the amplifier to a lower position, and then press the receiver's power switch.

The adjustment indicator is used to indicate the channel that the current adjustment is effective;

The next step is the frequency operation:

The receiver and transmitter can only be successfully matched when they are in the same channel. 48 channels can be switched in normal operation, with strong anti-interference ability, agreed locations, and 40 sets can be used at the same time, the signal is stable, and the penetrating power is strong.

USB Microphone:

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