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The choice of conference microphone

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The conference microphone is a very important equipment in the deployment of the conference room, which has a significant effect on the sound effect of the entire system. For the microphone used in the conference room, in addition to considering the sensitivity of the microphone, the matching of the output impedance and the input impedance of the mixer, etc., the microphone's directional characteristics, frequency response characteristics and the shape of the microphone should also be considered in the conference room. . We can proceed from the following five aspects:
First of all, it depends on the number of microphones to be selected. If the number of microphones is large, the conference system is easy to control. If you buy a single microphone, you can use 48V and 9V power supply.

Secondly, the frequency response should be around 150Hz~10KHz, this range basically includes human voice and general musical instrument sound;

Third, the sensitivity should not be too high. Too high sensitivity can easily cause howling or loud and small sounds, which can easily damage the speakers, so the sensitivity should be stable;

Fourth, there are high and low impedances, and high-impedance microphones have high sensitivity and are susceptible to external signal interference.

Finally, when a meeting is held, there will inevitably be some environmental noise, such as continuous environmental noise from electrical equipment such as air conditioners, fans, and AC power, which seriously affects the audio quality of the meeting. It is necessary to choose a microphone with cardioid directivity, because the non-directional microphone has poor ability to resist external interference and is easy to mix into other sound sources. This kind of microphone must be used in conjunction with an echo canceller.

In summary, in addition to special requirements, it is generally recommended to use a condenser cardioid microphone with a wide frequency response, uniform frequency response transmission characteristics, smooth, and low distortion in conference rooms.

Traditional wireless microphones use low-frequency squelch circuits to analyze the strength of the radio frequency signal, so they cannot distinguish the noise from the required signal; in a noisy radio frequency environment (such as CD/VCD/LD and other digital devices) When the signal of the transmitter is weak or closed, the squelch circuit may suddenly open, and the receiver will emit strong blasting noise.

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