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Buying conference microphones, four elements make you glamorous

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-06-19

In the 1990s, with the gradual popularization of digital network conference systems, more and more conferences began to use more advanced and mature conference microphones, and many businesses that sprung up like mushrooms have also allowed consumers to start choosing With difficulties, how can we choose a high-quality and sophisticated conference microphone? The editor specially interviewed Director Chen, who has been engaged in conference microphone research of Qituo Electronics for 30 years, and after a comprehensive arrangement, I probably got a few key points for purchasing conference microphones: the technical strength of the manufacturer, the actual wire material and the product design, etc. In a word, a good conference microphone must be both internal and external.

1. The shape design should conform to ergonomics
First of all, from the "external" design point of view, the most suitable shape of a good conference microphone must be easy to use, taking into account the beauty and ease of use, especially the latter. Many people sweat because of high tension during the speech. , It is easy to cause the microphone to slip off, so choose a good conference microphone. From the appearance, most of it will be ergonomic. The shape is hyperbolic, that is, the middle is recessed. For example, just S-curve like a woman. As for the straight type, let alone it, it has no aesthetic feeling and is easy to slip.

2. The microphone should be sensitive and shockproof

The so-called health is the capital of life. This sentence can also be applied to conference microphones. For the life of conference microphones, the microphone head is an extremely critical part. Whether the pronunciation is clear and stable depends on it. A good conference microphone is sure to have high sensitivity and low distortion, and is generally equipped with a drop-proof design. The entire microphone head and the circuit board of the microphone core will be fixed with an anti-vibration ring, which has a strong anti-vibration effect.

3. The performance should be stable during the speech
Conference microphones are easily affected by the surrounding environment in the process of speaking, resulting in unstable and intermittent signal collection. This is definitely not allowed in professional situations. Therefore, when purchasing a conference microphone, this is related to the manufacturer’s The technical strength is strong, and it is the largest hardware option for conference microphones. Regarding the technical strength of the manufacturer, it is not necessary to have a strong scientific research team. It needs the accumulation and running-in of the market to continuously improve to meet the needs of actual work. Therefore, you should buy a good old brand conference microphone with a good brand reputation. It is safer and more reliable, just like in digital products, it is a reason that the long-term old brand is better than the quality of the miscellaneous brand.

Four, must have anti-interference function
Nowadays electronic technology is highly developed. In the meeting process, electronic product interference has become a common phenomenon, so when you buy a conference microphone, you must think about whether this microphone has an anti-interference design and how strong the anti-interference is. Better conference microphones will have anti-interference functions, as well as automatic mute and noise filtering functions, which can automatically intercept interfering signals and intercept them.

Editor's conclusion: Of course, to choose a set of conference microphones that suits you and is both internal and external, you still have to compare and test more. If you have the conditions, you can also try to listen to the effect yourself. After all, there is always nothing wrong with shopping around.

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