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How to buy high-quality conference microphones?

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-06-12

In the multimedia conference system, the conference speaking unit is indispensable. However, how to choose a device with a high price ratio that can satisfy users and ensure the company's normal profits? Here, based on experience, the summary is as follows:

1. The speaking unit is to directly pass the speaker's voice through audio processing equipment and amplifying equipment, so that the participants can hear a clear, true, and even voice. Basically, it's the same test as you usually test hand microphones and gooseneck microphones. During the test, the mixer and peripheral tuning equipment did not do any processing or modification. The pronunciation of the tester requires two or more people, because the frequency of each person’s pronunciation is different, and some are more emphasised, that is, bass, and some people speak sharply, that is, treble. At these times, you can flexibly grasp the scene.

2. Remove the microphone stem of the speaking unit, turn on the speaking unit, and push the volume of the mixer to the maximum, and the function is turned on to more than 80%. Don't turn it on completely. Don't call me if the device is burned. Press the speaking button several times on the speaking unit with the microphone pole removed, and see if there is any sound that shouldn't be heard? Some made a "zzizi" sound, and some made a "bang bang" sound. It is difficult for many domestic brands to pass this difficult test. This has a lot to do with the internal circuit structure of his speaking unit. Moreover, I don't know whether foreign conference equipment manufacturers have made this kind of test when they leave the factory. There is basically no domestic manufacturer that does this kind of test. When doing this test, do not press the unit without the microphone pole removed, otherwise, you will be responsible for the consequences.

3. Don't make any adjustments to the audio system, push the volume to 80%, turn off the power of the conference system, and see if there is any noise?

4. After connecting the extension cord to the speaking unit, perform the previous test.

5. Test the body vibration noise of the speaking unit, that is, push the volume of the sound system to 60%, turn on the speaking unit, and then move to the mobile device. Will the device produce body vibration noise during the movement and when it is put down; touch the speaking device with your hand On the surface, see if the noise of the main body vibration will be generated.

6. The above-mentioned methods can be used for the tests of ordinary speaking unit and interpreter unit. After passing, you can rest assured that when the mayor is in a meeting, there will be no accidents (the power outage is not ruled out).

7. Test method of infrared language translation system:

A. Receiving sensitivity test

In the normal working environment, the voice can be received. Turn on all the lights in the venue (professional performance lighting does not need to be turned on, but the auxiliary lighting in the professional lighting should be turned on), and place the receiving head of the receiving unit at a position 20cm under the light to see if the voice will appear unexpected (intermittently) The voice indicates that the receiving unit has been interfered by the light. If there is no voice at all, it means that the receiving unit is completely interfered by the light and shielded).

Empty field test and full field test. During the test, the full field test is difficult to operate. Therefore, you must ensure that the infrared signal in every corner of the venue is sufficient. Signals can be received under the desktop and under the seat. In this way, when the venue is full, the human body will shield part of it, and after absorbing part of the signal, it can still ensure that the infrared signal of the entire venue can be satisfied.

B. Voice test of the receiving unit

After the signal sensitivity test is passed, the sound quality of the voice should be tested. Here, I will tell you the most practical method, which is my own initiative. The receiving unit uses earphones. Make an extension. One end is a 3.5mm headphone plug, and the other can be a lotus head or a 6.5 in-line plug to connect to the mixer. At this time, you can use the player to play the CD, but do not send the music to the amplifier. Connect the infrared receiver unit to the mixer with the extension cable.

The output signal of the CD and the input signal of the infrared receiving unit must be modified in the mixer.

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