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Several common combinations of conference microphones

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-06-12

The microphone is used as a sound pickup device in the sound reinforcement of the conference hall, and the selection and configuration of its functional quality is directly related to the effect of the conference site. For the current users, the first contact and frequent use are the conference microphones. For non-professional or non-audio enthusiasts, it is generally difficult to distinguish professionally. Therefore, the configuration of the speaking microphone in the conference system is a problem. It is one of the most critical factors when the entire conference system is used in a meeting. The configuration of the conference speaking microphone will be briefly analyzed below, hoping to have a reference for users or friends who are about to come into contact with the conference system project.

There are three common ways to configure the speaking microphone at the current conference:

1. Conference microphone + mixer;

2. Conference microphone + smart mixer or conference microphone + digital media matrix;

3. Hand-in-hand digital conference microphone.

Regarding the application scenarios and advantages and disadvantages of these three configuration methods, a simple comparison is made so that in the actual engineering configuration, according to the needs of on-site functions, you can have a bottom line:

"Conference microphone + mixer" method

Mainly used in occasions that require high sound quality. It has the advantage of relatively good tone reproduction, but the number of microphones in this way should not be too much, generally about 150 square meters, it is appropriate to configure four microphones, and the sound environment of the scene and the placement of microphones and speakers must be taken into account. If the number of conference microphones increases, the problem of howling is inevitable. If it is solved by processing equipment, not only the sound quality is sacrificed, but the sound transmission gain cannot be raised. In this way, the advantages of this configuration method have been turned into disadvantages. Secondly, if this configuration method is equipped with a processor to resist howling, the overall cost will increase, and the cost performance is not as high as the other two methods; again, as the most traditional way of meeting speech, its functions cannot be expanded, such as meeting intelligence. Management, camera tracking, simultaneous interpretation and other functions. This method still has practical applications, mainly in lecture halls, training halls and other places.

"Conference microphone + smart mixer or conference microphone + audio processor" mode

Conference microphone + smart mixer is mainly used in occasions where the number of microphones is large (more than four) and the project cost is not too high; conference microphone + digital media matrix is mainly used in the number of microphones (more than four) ), occasions where the project cost is relatively high. The advantage lies in suppressing howling to a certain extent, and at the same time, it can carry out certain intelligent management of the microphone at the meeting. The camera tracking function can be realized through the central control or camera tracking processing, but the disadvantages are also obvious. First, each microphone needs a microphone The more the number of microphones, the more wires need to be laid, and the workload of construction and debugging is huge; secondly, although the sound transmission gain has been improved to a certain extent, usually the effect of sharing more than a dozen microphones is not ideal; once again, the meeting has been realized. On-site intelligent management, but to expand the functional requirements of other conference sites, it still needs to be realized with other functional equipment, and the cost performance is not too high. This method is mainly used in video conferences where there are not many people, small meeting rooms where audio and video signals need to be recorded, larger interactive training rooms, reception halls and other places.

"Hand-in-hand digital conference microphone" method

Mainly used in a large number of microphones, from small conferences with a few conference microphones to large-scale conferences with thousands of conference microphones; it can realize from a single voice speech to a multilingual voice speech; it can set up or manage software on the conference site through the hardware itself Settings, effective management of the meeting, can also expand the need for sign-in, voting, embedded installation and other functions. Its advantages are that the comprehensive function needs of the conference can be met, which can ensure the effective control of the conference effect; the wiring is convenient, and a dedicated digital conference microphone cable can connect dozens of microphones; the control method is flexible; the scalability is strong, and the cost-effectiveness is high. Although the sound quality of a single microphone is not as good as the first method, the overall effect is better than the first method under the premise of using the same number of microphones. This method has been widely used in various types of conference venues and has become the mainstream configuration for conference speeches.

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