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Eight taboos for microphone use

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-06-11

Audio and microphones have become a headache for many conference organizers because their damage rate is too high. Here is an introduction to the eight taboos of using microphones. If you pay attention to the following eight aspects, your microphone will "long life" and play the best sound audition effect.

①, avoid "kissing" with the microphone
"Kissing" with the microphone is a common habit of many people. Some people feel that holding the microphone intimately and sticking their mouths to it, the sound quality will be better. In fact, putting your mouth on the microphone destroys the normal frequency response of the microphone, which is not good for your health. There are many germs on the mesh cover of the microphone.

② Don't tap or blow into the microphone
Seeing this, I believe many people will be surprised, this little action is a habit of too many people. The pickup part of the microphone is more precise, and the parts are more expensive, tapping the microphone or blowing into the microphone can easily cause the displacement or damage of the microphone parts.

③ Avoid random placement of microphones
Don't underestimate the small microphone, in fact, its equipment is very sophisticated. The microphone should be placed in a dry, clean, and free of corrosive gas or dust, and it must be handled with care. Therefore, the microphone placed in the KTV private room in a dark environment for a long time is easy to "get sick", and it is necessary to take the microphone out from time to time to "breath the fresh air".

④ Avoid pulling the lead of the microphone

Some microphones are heavier, so some people often like to grasp the lead of the microphone when transmitting the microphone. This can easily cause the lead to break and the pickup failure due to poor contact of the plug.

⑤ For condenser microphones, avoid blindly adding phantom voltage
Since the capacitor of a condenser microphone needs to be polarized to work properly, when using a condenser microphone, a phantom voltage must be added. We must turn on the phantom power switch on the mixer, and pay attention to the voltage value and polarity at the same time, otherwise, not only can it not be used normally, it may cause damage.

⑥. Avoid the microphone being too far or too close to the sound source
The best distance when the microphone picks up is about 10 cm. Some "leaders" speak far away from the microphone, and some singers are close to the microphone, and the pickup sound is too small if it is too far. At this time, if the volume is pushed up, it will easily cause howling; He also picked it up and made a "pupu" interference sound.

⑦. Avoid not ejecting the battery when the microphone is not used for a long time
Nowadays, general wireless microphones or conference microphones require battery power. If the microphone is not used for a long time, the battery should be withdrawn to avoid battery leakage and corrosion of the microphone.

⑧. Avoid not turning off the microphone power after use
After talking or singing in a meeting, you should turn off the microphone switch in time. At this time, if the sound controller does not turn off the mixer volume fader in time: on the one hand, it also picks up other noises, on the other hand, it also makes you unnecessary. The sound of his speech is played. President Bush had such an experience, which caused embarrassment.

The microphone is really a more expensive item, which is why some big stars have their own customized microphones. A successful concert absolutely needs the support of a good microphone, and a bad microphone will affect the singing. Therefore, we must pay attention to maintaining our microphones in our daily lives.

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