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Selection of U-segment and V-segment of KTV Wireless Microphone

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1. How to distinguish between V segment and U segment?
In the 60MHZ-120MHZ called FM frequency band

In the 180MHZ-280MHZ called V band

In the 300MHZ-400MHZ called the military frequency band

The 500MHZ--900MHZ is called U segment.

In these bands, a certain distance is maintained. The reason for the gap between them is to avoid conflicts that are not close to the upper and lower bands. Generally speaking, radio is only done in these bands and will not exceed these bands. .

2. Why is U segment better than V segment?

 1. U-segment is high-frequency transmitting and receiving, so the requirements for electronic vitality parts are higher than that of V-segment, and the technical content is correspondingly higher. In terms of application, the U segment is not the same segment as most frequency waves in daily life, so the chance of interference is greatly reduced.;

 2. The U-segment is wide, and more frequency points can be misdivided to realize the use of multiple frequency points in the same occasion without interference. Another real problem is that our microphone manufacturer only costs more materials for U-segment products than V-segment because of the above-mentioned reasons;

3. Convenience in actual use. Most of the current U-band can be FM function, for example: a U-band microphone with a frequency band of 740-772MHZ, with a distance of 250K as a point, you can select 128 frequency points in this segment; if it is used in a KTV occasion A U-segment wireless microphone, then it is OK to equip a few hand microphones of this category as backup. Replace the faulty one, and adjust the spare one to the frequency of the original faulty one and it will immediately work normally. If it is V-segment, it is troublesome. V-segment cannot be tuned. In this case, it can only be used with the same frequency point. If there are 30 KTVs in use, then 30 spares are needed, which is unrealistic. , So the future development trend and demand are all to U-segment development, U-segment adjustable frequency is the mainstream of the market.

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