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Comparison of digital microphones and traditional analog microphones

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-06-02

1. Comparison of digital microphones and traditional analog microphones:
With the increasing development of information technology, the proportion of digital circuits in various electronic systems is increasing. Customers have put forward higher requirements for the input, quality and ability of anti-interference of the sound signal. These requirements have been difficult to achieve due to the improvement of the acoustic performance of traditional analog microphones. Only by combining the array microphone architecture and the processing of the audio digital signal algorithm can the effect of eliminating echo and noise and enhancing beam directivity can be ideally achieved. Analog-to-digital conversion is the prerequisite for the introduction of digital signal processing technology. Therefore, the market demand prospects for digital microphones are beyond doubt.
Before introducing new products, it is necessary to understand the comparison between digital microphones and traditional analog microphones. Comparison of digital wireless microphones and FM wireless microphones, etc.:

The biggest advantage of digital microphones is that they have strong anti-interference ability, without the need for built-in high-frequency filter capacitors and filter circuits like traditional microphones. Due to its inherent characteristics, digital microphones will not be affected by interference from computer networks and radio frequency magnetic field signal sources. The specific performance is: reduce the cost and number of components, no external preamplifier is required; simple flat wire connection, increase the flexibility of the microphone layout, or the microphone has no space restrictions; two pairs of RF and EM (radio frequency and electromagnetic interference) exemption Digital output; the use of advanced software can reduce the impact of off-axis environment; beamforming. Noise suppression. Echo cancellation.

2. Comparison of U-segment digital wireless microphone and FM wireless microphone:
FM wireless microphone uses sound to change the oscillation frequency to achieve the purpose of transmitting the sound. Most FM wireless microphones use an LC oscillation circuit, but the LC oscillation circuit is susceptible to frequency fluctuations due to fluctuations in power supply voltage or temperature changes. Traditional FM wireless products, circuits, and production debugging are complicated. There are many components, and the quality is easily affected by factors such as temperature or component aging. In reality, many people use 2. 4G frequency points to make digital wireless products, but the 2. 4G frequency band has a congenital defect that is particularly poor penetration ability, complex environments or crowded occasions will affect 2. 4G The reception of wireless products causes sound interruptions, but U-segment digital wireless microphones do not have this shortcoming.

3. Product introduction of QT-U504M U-segment digital wireless microphone.
This U-segment digital wireless microphone QT-U504M. It is suitable for various occasions and the installation project is flexible and convenient.

The details are as follows:
It is a multi-channel wireless microphone designed for small and medium-sized business meeting rooms and portable performances. Using PLL lock loop, pilot circuit and antenna diversity circuit, the system has built-in 2-channel 4-channel antenna divider to ensure more stable reception and avoid external interference. Each channel has a separate LCD display, and the use status is clear at a glance. There are two systems The frequency bands (655-679MHz and 838-865MHz) are optional, and each frequency band is equipped with 16 built-in channels that do not interfere with each other, which greatly improves the efficiency of engineering installation.
Integrated central processing unit CPU control, with digital LCD interface display, convenient operation and outstanding performance. Multi-stage narrowband high frequency and intermediate frequency selective filtering are used to fully eliminate interference signals. The selection of excellent chips and high-quality parts makes the sound quality of this machine extremely excellent. The maximum use distance of the empty space is more than 100 meters, and the ideal space use distance is 50 meters.

USB Microphone:

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