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Principles and main uses of wireless microphones

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-06-01

What is a wireless microphone? Simply put, a wireless microphone is a machine device that transmits sound based on wireless electromagnetic waves or other methods. In terms of basic principles, this kind of machinery and equipment or power circuits are stored in various ways or names in many commodities.
The electronic component microphone (microphone) on the circuit board first converts the natural sound signal into an audio-frequency electrical signal, which will be used to adjust the high-frequency signal caused by the electronic device oscillator. Finally, the high-frequency signal is sent to the sky according to the wireless antenna.

Everyone will send the frequency design plan in the FM radio stock band, so they can cooperate with all FM radios to receive the high-frequency signal, and restore the sound signal from the high-frequency signal, and then perform various main purposes.
Main uses of wireless microphones:

1. Wireless microphone: The customer can rotate and move freely in all directions when singing, speaking or performing, and it is not easy to trip or pull the hind legs of the cable.

2. Wireless broadcast programs: teachers carry out live broadcasts during lectures, and thousands of students can use radios to call in to teach, which greatly increases the total number of classes.

3. Wireless caller: When selling products on the street, using a wireless microphone to call has a certain originality, and will receive the actual effect of advertisements that are more creative than ordinary microphones.

4. Wireless listening device: It has good privacy and safety factor, and can be answered by radio phone earphones from a distance, so you don't have to worry about being embarrassed by meeting on the spot.
5. Wireless alarm: complete unmanned at a certain distance. For example, on the second floor, monitor the sound of the anti-theft lock on the first floor to act as an anti-theft alarm system.

6. Wireless electronic doorbell: because it can broadcast the sound wirelessly, it can also broadcast the video doorbell sound wirelessly, and the matching is also changed to a wireless wireless walkie-talkie.

7. Wireless electronic musical instruments: Accept the sound of traditional musical instruments such as harmonica, erhu, guitar, etc. on the radio, or play hard to expand and start broadcasting, which can strengthen the appreciation of songs.
8. Electronic device hearing aid: According to the adjustment of the sound of the radio or microphone, the sound will be louder and then sent to the mobile phone earphones to reasonably improve the English listening of the elderly.
9. Voice control small colored lights: change the high-power amplifier output sound to 6V, 12V car bulbs with a very successful connection rate, and adjust the sound co-production part.
10. Reading memory enhancer: similar to hearing aids, point the microphone at yourself and listen to your own reading to eliminate external influences and focus your energy.
11. Small and medium-sized radio broadcasting: suitable for colleges, processing factories and other enterprises to independently organize various variety shows, which can be used to listen to music, news reports, announcements, etc. on the radio.
12. TV sound transmitter: When watching TV series, you can listen to the mobile phone headset without harming others to fall asleep, but it is controlled by the length of the mobile phone headset cord. This equipment is not subject to this limitation.

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