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I will introduce you to the strategy of purchasing wireless microphones

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-05-28

A wireless microphone system is also called a wireless microphone. A wireless microphone is an audio device that transmits sound signals. The working principle of the wireless microphone system: powered by a battery, the microphone converts sound into audio electrical signals. After being processed by internal circuits, radio waves containing audio information are propagated into the surrounding space.

With the continuous development of electronic technology, the microphone has also undergone a process of updating. In order to continuously meet the needs of consumers, the appearance and functions of wireless microphones have undergone great changes. So how to use a lavalier wireless microphone? Next, let us understand together:

The wireless microphone products on the market are dazzling and confusing, but the performance and advantages give people a familiar feeling and feel exactly the same. Some ads have the same style, and even the content has not changed much. It seems that they were transplanted from the other hand, which is actually irresponsible.

To choose a wireless microphone, you must first figure out its functional modules to see if it is a real U-shaped segment? If this is not the case, the anti-interference ability will be relatively weak; the second is the sound quality evaluation standard. Noise and noise have a lot to do with the quality of the microphone core. So, is the microphone both power-saving and environmentally friendly? Then there is microphone compatibility.

How to buy a wireless microphone:
1. The sensitivity of the microphone. A good wireless microphone has good sensitivity and receiving range, and has good barrier-free reception within the specified range, and the sound is normal.

2. The sound quality of the microphone. Wireless microphones are usually based on dynamic pickups. The disadvantages of dynamic microphones are poor sensitivity and dull sound quality (compared to high-quality condenser microphones), but now, some good quality wireless condenser microphones have also improved in this regard, and the main attention is to identify them.

USB Microphone:

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