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Recommendation and use of KTV microphones

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-05-27

With the continuous improvement of people’s lives nowadays, entertainment methods have become more diversified. Going to KTV for consumption is also a very good way of leisure. For people who often go to KTV, their requirements for microphones are gradually increasing. To improve, wireless is also a basic requirement. The sound effects and the feeling of hand-held are becoming more and more important. Let’s take a look at how to choose KTV microphones.

The difference between wireless and wired KTV microphones is that KTV microphones are divided into wired and wireless wireless microphones for more convenience, and the sound quality of wired microphones is more excellent and stable, so these two also have their own advantages. Generally speaking, wireless microphones should be mainly used in professional indoor singing, personal audio systems, etc., while wired microphones are mainly used in outdoor recording and other fields where the environment is complicated or the sound quality transmission is strictly required. .

The part of the wireless KTV microphone mainly uses several levels of spare circuits, and the signal carrier frequency of the high-frequency signal is very fixed. What they use is the phase locked loop technology, get the frequency that the high-frequency signal transmits is adjustable. The Vsf wireless KTV microphone receiver is also a fixed frequency point.

When using KTV microphones, you must pay attention. Do not hold two wireless microphones together. Because the handheld KTV wireless microphones are two devices, they will produce some harmonic leakage. The two wireless microphones are very reliable. When they are near, they will be interfered by each other's harmonic intermodulation, which will seriously affect the transmission and reception and its sound quality.

When using a KTV microphone, if the microphone is directly facing the speaker, a closed loop is formed for the sound system, which will generate positive feedback oscillation, which is inevitable, so do not directly face the speaker when using it. When using KTV microphones, do not hold your hands on the mesh head of the microphone. The main reason is that the vertical strokes of all microphones have a certain directivity. If you hold the upper part of the mesh cover, it will be very serious. Destroying the frequency response can also be caused by the gathering effect of the palm, focus recovery and so on.

When using a KTV microphone, do not hold the microphone’s antenna transmitting part tightly. Generally, its transmitting circuit and wire are located at the lower part of the microphone. When we hold it, the transmitting power will be greatly attenuated, which will affect the receiving effect of the microphone and Don’t keep your mouth too close. If you keep it at a distance of 5~10 cm, it will produce a sharp corner effect. If it is too far, the sound will be very small, which will damage the sound quality.

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