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How to buy a microphone? What is the difference between a large diaphragm and a small diaphragm?

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It is the size of the microphone diaphragm that affects the sound reception effect. Moving coil microphones and condenser microphones receive sound through the diaphragm, and the effects presented by different sizes are also different. From a physical point of view, the so-called microphone diaphragm is actually the size of the microphone's pickup diaphragm. The sound is transmitted through the air. The larger the diaphragm, the more sensitive and the better the sound feedback effect. The common microphones on the market are generally based on different sizes, and there are usually two types that are popular, namely large diaphragm and small diaphragm.

1. Large-diaphragm microphones. Microphones with large diaphragms respond better to low frequencies. This is due to the larger area of the diaphragm, which tends to resonate to low frequencies. It is most suitable for working in a controlled environment, such as an indoor studio. It can be placed on a tripod with a shock-absorbing bracket and a pop-up filter for best results.

Advantages: Provide rich and detailed sound, with higher sensitivity, suitable for interviews, speeches and other occasions.

Disadvantages: Very sensitive to external noise and vibration, and need to be equipped with additional foam or mesh spring damping devices.

2. Small-diaphragm microphones Small-diaphragm microphones can usually handle larger sound sources and are less susceptible to interference from low frequency and environmental noise. And unexpectedly has a larger frequency range, especially at higher frequencies.

Advantages: durable, not easy to be interfered by low frequency and environmental noise, suitable for radio and recording studios.

Disadvantages: low sensitivity and high noise.
Microphone purchase suggestion: As for which diaphragm size microphone to choose, it depends on your way of use. Large-diaphragm microphones can pick up lower-frequency sounds. If you are recording or broadcasting live on stage or in a studio, you can choose a large-diaphragm microphone. The small diaphragm can handle larger sound sources and is less susceptible to low frequency and noise interference. If you use it to entertain karaoke, choosing a microphone with a small diaphragm is sufficient.

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