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How to choose a microphone? The most important thing for you!

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With the continuous development of science and technology, many professional audio equipment that was only used by professionals have now entered the entertainment life of the masses, such as microphones, which are now widely used by people, such as meetings, classes, live broadcasts, karaoke, etc. Microphones can be seen in many scenes in daily life, but there are many types of microphones to choose from. The choice of microphone is usually based on the use occasion, purpose of use, and the performance and sound quality of the microphone. How should users choose a microphone for entry-level anchors, classes, meetings, etc.? For this demand, a cost-effective microphone is a good choice.

Condenser microphones are a good choice for entry-level anchors and users who need online lessons. Condenser microphones use 16mm electret diaphragm capsules. Electret condenser microphones have small size, simple structure and good electroacoustic performance. , High sensitivity, etc., widely used in conference occasions, voice communication equipment, voice recorders, cameras, mobile phones and other products.

Especially for teachers who have class needs, it is more suitable to use this type of electret microphone. Its sound quality is better than other types. It can truly reproduce human voices and is not easy to interact with audio equipment in a high-volume environment. Exciting howling can protect students' hearing more effectively.

Condenser microphones use cardioid directional anti-noise, and microphone directivity is a description of the microphone's sensitivity to sound from all directions in space, and is an important attribute of the microphone. In many cases, the first thing to consider when choosing a microphone is its directivity, followed by other attributes of the microphone. The cardioid direction has the best effect on the sound from the front of the microphone. Most professional microphones are cardioid, such as stage microphones and karaoke microphones. Therefore, many professional anchors will choose cardioid directional microphones. After all, they are very sensitive to audio signal pickup, and the vocals are recorded clearly, which can give fans a better sense of hearing.

At the same time, the condenser microphone also comes with a blowout prevention net. When we are recording, especially when recording human voices, we often spray airflow onto the microphone, so that the recorded sound will have a clear spray sound head. Post-processing adds trouble. If the microphone has a blow-out cover, this series of problems can be solved well, effectively blocking the spray sound, and at the same time, it can protect the microphone, so that the sound can be input into the microphone more clearly and effectively, and then Carry out high-quality transmission to the other party's amplification area.

How to choose a more cost-effective microphone? The entry-level anchors and online class teachers are still struggling with the issue of choice? If you are looking for cost-effective products and want a better experience, the condenser microphone is a good choice, the price is not expensive, and the function is enough to meet the needs of teachers and beginners, friends in need may wish to pay attention to it. This microphone product.

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