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Why does the microphone need a blowout cover?

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-05-21

In many professional recording studios, you will find that a blowout shield is used between the microphone and the singer. So what is the principle of the blowout guard? Do I need a blowout cover if I record myself at home? Today I will take everyone to learn about the secrets of the blowout cover

01. The principle of microphone blowout cover
When we are recording, if we just use the microphone without the blowout cover, we will inevitably encounter the problem of "broken sound". The blowout cover is an effective tool to avoid "broken sound" and at the same time, it protects the microphone to a certain extent. effect.

First of all, when a person makes a sound, he first inhales air, then retracts and tightens the vocal cords and controls breathing. The exhaled air current impacts the vocal cords, causing vibrations and sound. For example, when syllables such as "P" and "T" are pronounced, the exhaled airflow will directly touch the microphone capsule diaphragm. If the airflow is large, it will cause "broken sound" problems, and the use of the microphone blowout cover can change the airflow In this way, it will not directly touch the capsule diaphragm, and will not produce distorted "sound-breaking".

02. How to effectively avoid "broken sound"?
Whether you are recording at home or in a professional recording studio, you need to avoid "broken sound". Using the microphone blowout cover and adjusting the position of the microphone are currently the two most common ways to avoid "broken sound" in the recording stage.

03. How to find the blowout cover that suits you?
Nowadays, there are various kinds of blowout guards on the market. The common blowout guards are made of sponge, silk cloth and metal. So how do you find the one that suits you? Let us look at the characteristics of these three common blowout cover materials.

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