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Solution to the problem of wireless microphone being interfered by KTV karaoke machine

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-05-20

Friends who often go to KTV to sing should have encountered such a situation: turn on the karaoke machine, pick up the wireless microphone, and immediately hear the super harsh squeaking sound, and sometimes it will make amazing noises. Such a sound is unacceptable to anyone's ears. Now, let me introduce to you the related issues of wireless microphone interference from KTV karaoke machines.

1. Problem analysis
In such a situation, some people suspect that there is a problem with the wireless microphone, but it is not. This is because the radiated noise of the current KTV karaoke machine or DVD is too high, which interferes with the wireless microphone receiver and causes trouble.

Nowadays, some karaoke players or some cheap DVD drive products on the market radiate very high noise due to poor internal circuit isolation.

Second, the problem solution
Generally, when the wireless microphone receiver is shipped from the factory, the mute control start voltage (SquelchLevel) is preset to a lower level to improve sensitivity and increase the receiving distance. Therefore, it is easy to be interfered by noise and output loud noise during use.
Since the wireless microphone is used at a short distance, its emission intensity will continue to change with the user's movement or changes in the environment. Whenever the wireless microphone moves a little distance or changes some angles, its transmitted signal intensity will be low. Regarding the intensity of the noise, the noise immediately replaces the signal of the wireless microphone, and a loud noise is output from the receiver instantly.
In order to avoid noise interference, adjust the mute control level higher so that the noise signal cannot start the receiver. But the sensitivity of the receiver will also become very low, so the use distance of the wireless microphone becomes very short.

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