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Lavalier wireless microphone allows you to record video perfectly

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-05-06

Maybe many people who record videos will use the lavalier wireless microphone, and now many friends have caught the short video vent. This will not only bring a lot of fans to themselves, but also get good income, but your equipment must be Be prepared.

Lavalier microphone is a very good and convenient microphone. It is widely used in our daily use. In addition to daily interviews, microphones are needed to record Vlog from the media and record live video. Recently, Jiake launched a wireless lavalier. The microphone can be said to be a self-media artifact. Let's take a look at how to use it.

The whole accessory, a 3.5 to 3.5mm cable, is mainly convenient for mobile phones or other radio equipment to be plugged into the USB receiver, and an audio conversion interface is convenient for speaker equipment. The device that looks exactly like a USB flash drive is a USB sound card, notebook Or desktop computers can be used normally.

As for the USB receiver, the receiver has its own sound card, and the UHF universal frequency band will not cause cross-frequency. The introduced sound is also very pleasant. It does not need to be adjusted during use. It can be used directly when plugged into the computer to meet different scenarios. The use of needs.

On the host side, the lavalier microphone uses a U-segment high-fidelity design with ultra-high sensitivity. It can be used with a sound card to ensure double sound quality. The chip uses a super-cardioid microphone chip to further reduce environmental damage. Noise to ensure the output environment of sound quality.

Lavalier microphone has a radio effect comparable to professional equipment

As a microphone, the main thing is the sound reception. The lavalier microphone is used to match the sound reception effect of professional-grade equipment. It solves the noise problem from the source to the final output in a one-stop manner. In addition, it also adds a protective sponge to shoot indoors and outdoors. It is very convenient to solve the problem of wind noise in the video, and it is now available for purchase in the Yinping Mall.

When in use, you only need to insert the USB driver into the computer and turn on the microphone host. The two will automatically connect and pair after turning on. No manual operation is required. After the connection is successful, it can be used normally. Remember to receive the sound.

Lavalier wireless microphones have become an important sound recording tool in many video productions. After all, sound has a great impact on video quality. High-quality sound recording often makes people sound more comfortable.

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