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Hearing aid microphone function

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-05-05

Everyone knows that the main function of hearing aids is to amplify the received sound and transmit the sound to the ear canal through the playback system. Do you know the function of the microphone? Simply put, a microphone is a microphone. The function of the microphone is to convert acoustic signals into electrical signals and input to the amplifier. For a perfect microphone, the waveform of the current signal from the microphone is consistent with the waveform of the acoustic signal entering the microphone.

Microphones are divided into omnidirectional microphones and directional microphones. The omnidirectional microphone can collect 360° sound of the same size, and the overall loudness is higher, but it also amplifies the environmental noise more. Generally speaking, hearing aids equipped with super invisible hearing aids are only omnidirectional due to their size. The directional microphone mainly collects the front sound, and it collects less sound from the side and back, which can reduce noise and improve the clarity of the front speech. In some special occasions, you can turn on the directional microphone to play a better role. Listen to the effect.

There is also a higher-level microphone, an adaptive microphone. When we communicate, the ambient noise does not always come from the rear. At this time, we need a high-level adaptive microphone. Directional microphones and adaptive microphones can improve the speech recognition rate in noisy environments, but both require two microphones on the hearing aid.

The hearing aid is equipped with dual microphones, which will increase your signal-to-noise ratio in noisy environments and improve clarity. Single microphone accepts sound from all directions

The intensity and time are the same. In a noisy environment, speech is disturbed by noise, resulting in poor signal-to-noise ratio. The dual-microphone hearing aid can improve the resolution of speech in a noisy environment, can recognize sounds well, sound clearer, and feel comfortable to wear

Do you know the microphone of your hearing aid? It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand, the dry ear hearing technician told us: a professional fitting center will help you select and adjust microphone parameters according to your work and living environment. Of course, the dual-microphone hearing aid circuit is more complicated, the chip speed is faster, the signal-to-noise ratio is improved, the hearing is effectively protected, and the performance is better. Its technical content is higher, and the price will be slightly higher. Not all hearing aids have dual microphones.

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