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How to choose a dubbing microphone that suits you

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For voice actors, the quality of sound output is very important. In addition to their own solid dubbing skills, good dubbing equipment is also necessary. As the most direct radio tool for dubbing microphones, do you know how to choose?

Microphone, the scientific name is microphone, which is translated from English microphone (transmitter), also known as microphone, microphone. A microphone is an energy conversion device that converts sound signals into electrical signals. There are moving coil type, condenser type, electret and recently emerging silicon micro microphones, in addition to liquid microphones and laser microphones.

Dubbing equipment is almost indispensable in the dubbing circle. The microphone is the most frequently used dubbing equipment and we are most familiar with it. The microphone is very important for the dubbing broadcast host. If the microphone is not well selected, it will affect the voice of the dubbing. It will not only make you feel uncomfortable but also make the audience feel uncomfortable, so the choice of microphone is very important.

Introduce the basics of choosing a microphone

First of all, microphones currently mainly include two types: condenser microphones and dynamic microphones.

Condenser microphone: This type of microphone is currently the standard microphone in all recording studios in the world. The advantage is that the frequency range is wide, the sound is more delicate, and the recorded sound is particularly rich; the disadvantage is that it has higher environmental requirements and is more demanding than dynamic microphones. more expensive. However, this type of microphone has become a mainstream product in the karaoke and live broadcast industry, and its market share is undoubtedly ranked first!

Dynamic microphone: cheap and durable, this is a big highlight. Those small microphones with 10 yuan free shipping are basically dynamic microphones. But its disadvantage is that the frequency range is narrow, the recorded sound is relatively dull, and many details are missing. It is generally used for recording instrument sounds with more bass.

How to choose a high-quality microphone?

1. The microphone head and the continuous line should be three-phase card plugs, and the wiring should not be too long to avoid weakening the signal.

2. Identify and select microphones with different prices and the same price under the same equipment and the same volume. The sound is clear, natural and thick, with good fidelity, high volume, and no "howling" phenomenon is the top quality.

3. There should be no noise when the microphone is switched on and off, and there should be no humming when touching the microphone with hands.

4. The appearance is exquisite, the shell is preferably cast and heavy and thick, and the packaging is complete and exquisite.

When buying, you should choose a microphone with high signal-to-noise ratio, wide frequency response, high sensitivity, good transient response, and high fidelity.

Microphones are commonly classified into dynamic and condenser types, which can be divided into omnidirectional, bidirectional, cardioid, and supercardioid in terms of directivity. If you are singing karaoke, it is best to choose a dynamic, super-cardioid close-acoustic microphone. The near-acoustic microphone is a new type of microphone. It has strong directivity and is especially suitable for handheld use close to the mouth. Its advantage is to reduce the sound feedback, that is, the "howling" phenomenon, and overcome the general microphone that is caused by being too close to the sound source. The low frequency is increased, making the transmitted sound low and dull.

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