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What are the precautions for omnidirectional microphone operation?

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-05-03

An omnidirectional microphone is an external microphone device that can conduct Internet teleconferences. It is usually suitable for use with the computer's operating system. It also has certain requirements for the interface. Currently, it is widely used in Internet teleconferences and is well received by enterprises. Welcome, today I will give you a specific introduction to the precautions for the operation of the omnidirectional microphone.

1. Before the formal use, the omnidirectional microphone must be connected to the computer. If it is connected through the USB integrated circuit, there may be certain problems, which requires everyone to pay attention.

2. Start the software of the Internet teleconference, and then operate according to the corresponding function, so that after the Internet telephony is connected, you can have the Internet teleconference with the other party.

3. If the speaker volume is too loud or too low during the Internet teleconference, you can press the incremental decrease or volume increase button repeatedly to adjust the volume to the appropriate volume. If it is still If you feel that the effect is not satisfactory, you can also adjust the volume of the speaker on the computer.

4. If it is during a conference call, if the sound you hear is too loud or too small, you can ask the other party to adjust the receiving volume first to achieve the corresponding effect. If it doesn’t work, you can adjust the whole Send the microphone to a satisfactory volume.

5. If you want to mute the omnidirectional microphone, you can press the microphone mute button of the host. This is, the indicator light of the omnidirectional microphone mute of the host will light up, and the indicator light of the activated microphone will go out, and you can hear it at this time The voice of the other party, and the other party cannot hear his own voice.

In the Internet teleconference, in addition to the above content, you can also select the direction of the omnidirectional microphone. During the operation, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If you find any abnormalities, you can Unplug and plug the USB data again, or let a professional person handle it.

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