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What issues should be paid attention to when choosing a microphone?

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-04-30

Choose a microphone to be particular about it is also very particular, if you don't care about it, you don't have to be too particular about it. In terms of exquisiteness, generally we should pay attention to these issues:

1. Brand
Generally speaking, the quality and performance indicators of big brand microphones are guaranteed. You don’t need to worry about quality problems, but the price of big brand microphones is much more expensive. If it is just for fun and non-professional use, you can use domestic products. Brand microphone

2. Scene

No matter what the card is, the right one is the best. If you are recording a video, it is recommended to use a directional microphone. A directional microphone has a better anti-noise effect. If your recording environment is relatively quiet, you can also use a cheaper omnidirectional microphone, which is different.

3. Function
It depends on whether wireless is required for wired or wireless. This is also different. The wireless microphone is easy to operate, and the user is also free. The cable of the wired microphone has certain length restrictions, which is sometimes inconvenient. In addition, it is necessary to see if it is suitable for a mobile phone or a computer microphone. Different mobile phones have different matching microphones for Android, Apple, etc. Computers usually have their own microphones. If you want to buy an independent microphone, you need to know whether your computer allows the plug-in and knows how to operate it.
In short, the right one is the best.

4. Actual test
Now whether you buy it in a physical store or online, you have regrets. If you want to know if it is good, you can buy it directly and start a trial. Speak into the microphone and record the sound of your speech, and then listen to the playback. The sound should be very close to the real sound. The closer the better, the so-called voice fidelity. Pay special attention to details such as pure tooth tone. sound. Record a section of the first music and high-pitched music into the microphone, and then replay it for a trial listening. The closer the sound is to the original sound, the better is the so-called music fidelity.

USB Microphone:

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