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What kind of microphone does a professional conference system need?

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-04-28

In life, we often hear or see such scenes:

The trainer’s voice will inevitably be hoarse,

There will always be the whistling sound of Mike in public broadcasts,

In a conference hall with hundreds of people, the leaders’ speeches are always unclear.

The biggest reason is this kind of occasional, but inevitable event,

It may be because the microphone used is not professional enough or the speaker system used is not good enough.

Most of the audio equipment has been digitized. One thing I have to admit is that the two ends of the timbre equation-input and output-are still analog in nature. Just as audio experts began to embrace digital technology, IT engineers also began to study acoustic language. And the first obstacle they encounter is often the network meeting and discussion system.

First: Clarity is the key

First of all, the meaning of sound quality is not absolute. It depends on the environment. The meaning of "good sound quality" is not the same as the meaning of "good sound quality" music. The reasons are as follows:

Music is about fidelity. To obtain good sound quality in music, the complete frequency range of the musical instrument needs to be reproduced. The harmonious fusion of the fundamental frequency and the overtone frequency can produce an extraordinary sense of beauty, and the reverberation in the room can further enhance this feeling.

On the other hand, speech is about clarity, which is very different. The ultimate goal of clarity is to be able to simply distinguish what each word is. It seems very simple, right? But in fact, the interference caused by noise has a significant impact on our accurate speech perception.

Have you ever tried to chat in an old tall auditorium? Delayed reflections can make music richer and more solemn, but it is the greatest enemy of clarity.

Voice intelligibility is the most important in corporate, institutional, and government environments. You hope the CEO’s speech sounds good. You hope that the academic report can be fully understood. Members want everyone to hear their voices. The factors that may affect audibility in a meeting or meeting need to be reduced or eliminated.

Second: everything starts with the microphone

The sound quality of the system is determined by the weakest link, so it is crucial to capture high-quality audio at the source. The microphone is still the starting point to achieve this goal.

The operation is simple and easy to use. The use of inconvenient conference microphones will affect the conference process and time to a certain extent, such as extending the conference time and delaying the conference process.

The main types of microphones used in conference rooms or conference rooms are bracket-mounted and wearable. Special types such as surface-mounted or suspended microphones are not uncommon. For use scenarios such as voice and speech, certain design elements are common. Most will have built-in blowout guards and shock absorbers to minimize noise. Size, shape, weight, and look are also important design considerations.
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