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Is a USB microphone good?

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-04-26

USB microphones have certain limitations, but USB microphones are also very portable, providing a lot of convenience for mobile phone karaoke.

USB microphones are designed for home recording. More and more people are willing to publish their recorded works on the Internet, and a high-quality microphone is of course indispensable. USB microphones are different from ordinary microphones. They don’t need preamplifiers and other hardware devices. They can be connected to any computer with only one USB cable and record.
It seems that using a USB microphone is indeed more convenient and simple, but this does not mean that it has no shortcomings. There is a serious limitation to using a USB microphone. When you put a USB microphone between two people to pick up the sound, a weak signal will be generated. If the peak level of your recording is -36dB, then you have been lost. If a 6-bit analytical signal is used, it will also cause sound distortion or excessive noise.
However, with the maturity of audio technology, the performance of USB microphones has become more and more powerful, and because of its inherent portability, more and more fields have begun to use it. Then, let's introduce a few A USB microphone with a wide range of applications.
The popularity of mobile karaoke software has set off a popular karaoke craze. More and more people like to use mobile phones to karaoke. This easy and portable way to sing anytime and anywhere has become a popular entertainment for everyone after dinner.

Behind this kind of entertainment, a USB microphone that is easy to use is naturally derived. Just like this microphone of Meisheng, there is no cumbersome wiring, no extra hardware, a connection line is plug and play, and it also has a built-in sound card chip, which can both accurately pick up the sound and tune it independently. More balanced and pleasant sound quality.

2. Computer recording
Many people think that the sound quality of the USB microphone is not good, but in fact, it is because you did not find a high-quality microphone. This microphone of the Snow Monster is a classic blue model. It is designed for professional recording, dubbing, podcasting, etc. , Is a singing recording system with all functions in one.
The microphone has a 32-bit audio engine with excellent sound quality, which can enhance the accuracy of the audio, ensure the transmission speed of the sound, and make the recorded sound more smooth and stable. In addition, it also has a variety of sound effects, and the pickup direction system to meet Your various needs for recording.

3. Outdoor live broadcast
As we all know, the basic requirement of outdoor live broadcasting is portability. It is very inconvenient if you want to carry both a microphone and a sound card while broadcasting. But if you have a USB microphone that integrates the functions of two devices, then Can simplify a lot for outdoor broadcasting.

4. E-sports live broadcast
In the live broadcast of e-sports, it is inevitable that you will be affected by the intense game atmosphere. Accidental vibrations and crackling keyboard sounds will interfere with the sound quality of the live broadcast. A desktop microphone that can prevent vibrations and provide clear sound quality is just It is very necessary.
This microphone is equipped with a condenser capsule inside, and the sound quality has reached the professional level of a recording studio. In addition, the super-cardioid pickup mode shields most of the noise. The most important thing is that it does not need to be driven. It can be directly connected and used to bring a higher experience to your e-sports live broadcast.

USB Microphone:

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