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How to choose equipment for dubbing?

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-04-25

Friends who have read the previous articles should be eager to try it out. Would you like to have a try on dubbing by yourself? (*・ω<) Let’s talk about equipment issues with you today. For our student party, choosing a set of equipment that suits you is The best policy~

Let me briefly talk about the microphone. There are two types of microphones. There is no good or bad for each of these two types of microphones. Choose the right microphone according to your own recording environment, and play the role of the microphone is a good microphone.

Condenser microphone: high sensitivity, wide frequency response, intolerance, fear of falling and tide

Dynamic microphone: low sensitivity, narrow frequency response, drop resistance

If you have a better radio environment and need to record high-quality vocal audio, then you choose a condenser microphone. If your radio environment is very poor, or you want to use it in a noisy place, choose a dynamic microphone for outdoor interviews, concerts, etc.

The price of hardware equipment varies greatly, so our student party has to see what you need to choose~

In the first category, I am Mengxin. If you are now in the stage of correcting Mandarin, you will not be able to dub the character in the short term (about half a year). In this case, Taobao can find a decent shop and buy a microphone less than 100 yuan to make a sound. In this way, we can meet the needs of communicating and studying with you.

The second category, how do beginners buy it? If your Mandarin is okay, I want to try recording the character, I want to get started. Then the budget is about one thousand yuan, and it is enough to buy a set of sound card microphone.

The third category, how do those with experience buy it? If you have some experience and want to record some commercial lists, or you are looking for a better sound quality, then there is no upper limit for more than two thousand, and you can even go to the recording studio if you have the conditions~

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