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What microphone is right for you? You will understand after reading this article

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How to choose a microphone?
"Choosing a microphone is just like choosing a partner, the one that suits you is the best." The boss said to Mai Jiang with earnestness. Hearing the choice of a partner, Mai Jiang was sighed:
In the same way of living together, the biggest difference between a partner and a loved one is that we cannot choose a loved one, but we can choose a partner. But in the vast crowd, it is not easy for two people to meet, and it is even more difficult to find one that suits you 100%.

"Fortunately, it is not so difficult to choose a microphone." The boss did not wait for the end of Mai Jiang to express his emotions, so he gave the task, "Since I can't help you choose a partner, you can always choose a microphone, right?"
Wheat sauce: "..."
Just do what you say, so Maijiang collected some questions from friends of different identities and gave you a simple answer.

Question one:
Q: I usually like to play games with my friends even with the microphone. Shouldn't the microphone be too picky?

Maijiang: Maijiang also likes to play games with friends even with wheat. In this case, the microphone sound quality requirements are not too high, as long as the other party can hear what you say. Mai Jiang himself uses the microphone in the gaming headset, which is enough [wave hands.gif].

Question two:
Q: I am a B station up host, and I often need to record out-camera videos. I would like to ask which microphone should be used in this case?
Mai Jiang: Emmm... Actually it depends on what type of video you want to shoot. If you are doing some shop-exploring videos outdoors and don’t want to record too much ambient sound, then it is recommended to use a lavalier microphone-lavalier microphone The effective range of the radio is small, and it will not record too much ambient sound while recording the human voice.
If you need to record some environmental sounds at the same time, it is recommended to use a pointing-type set-top microphone, which can record the front human voice and some background sounds at the same time.
If you are doing some evaluation indoors, and the room is relatively quiet, both the lavalier microphone and the top microphone can be used. If it is necessary to improve the sound quality, you can also use a small-diaphragm condenser microphone.

Question three:
Q: My family travels a lot, and we often record some travel videos. What microphone should I use?
Maichan: This question is actually similar to the previous question. When recording outdoor videos, if you want to record human voices, but don't want environmental interference, you use the lavalier microphone;
If you need to record ambient sound to increase the sense of substitution, then choose a directional set-top microphone.

Question four:
Q: Hello, what microphone is more suitable for live broadcasting?
Mai Jiang: The difference between live broadcast and recording is mainly on the sound card-in most cases, a sound card is required for live broadcasting, especially for live singing, the help of the sound card is essential.
In the choice of microphone, singing, games, etc., live broadcast in a quiet room, you can choose a condenser microphone with a large diaphragm or a small diaphragm, which can give you better sound quality. If it is a live broadcast with goods or online courses, and the sound quality is not high, then a lavalier microphone is enough.

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