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Cold knowledge of music-dynamic microphone or condenser microphone?

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-04-25

I believe that many students like to hum two sentences and write songs, and then arrange their own songs. After finishing the arrangement of a song, the next step involves recording the human voice.

Perhaps, many students have a headache for this step. Because how to record good vocals is actually quite a big subject, there are a lot of knowledge involved. However, if a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools. Before you start recording, you still need to know the microphone you are using, or add a microphone that suits you.

There are two common microphones on the market, one is a dynamic microphone, and the other is a condenser microphone.

Many students may be confused when they hear these two terms, and don't know what they mean. In fact, the two words moving coil and capacitor indicate the mechanism of the microphone's sound collection, whether it uses a moving coil or a capacitor to collect the sound.

Let me talk about it in detail below.

First of all, the internal structure of a dynamic microphone is as follows:

The dynamic microphone is made using electromagnetic induction. When the sound wave vibrates the diaphragm, the coil (called the voice coil) connected to the diaphragm vibrates together, and the voice coil vibrates in the magnetic field, which generates an induced current. (Electrical signal), the magnitude and direction of the induced current change, and the amplitude and frequency of the change are determined by the sound wave. This signal current is amplified by the loudspeaker and transmitted to the speaker, and the amplified sound is emitted from the speaker.

Next, the internal structure of the condenser microphone is as follows:

The core component of the condenser microphone is the pole head, which is composed of two metal films; when sound waves cause it to vibrate, the difference in the distance between the metal films causes a difference in capacitance and generates current. Because the pole requires a certain voltage to be polarized before it can be used, condenser microphones generally need to be powered by a phantom power supply to work. Condenser microphone has the characteristics of high sensitivity and high directivity.

Simply put, dynamic microphones and condenser microphones have different recording effects because of their structure. Because of the characteristics of the coil, the dynamic microphone is not as sensitive as the condenser device of the condenser microphone. However, this is not to say that dynamic microphones are completely inferior to condenser microphones, because if the sound is too sensitive, a lot of noise and noise will be collected. Therefore, these two microphones have their own use conditions and environments.

The one you use to sing in KTV is a dynamic microphone. Dynamic microphones are more suitable for use in live performances, because the noise and noise in the scene are often very large, and dynamic microphones have strong anti-noise ability.

In addition, dynamic microphones are better maintained than capacitive ones, because the electronic components in them are not as delicate and fragile as capacitive ones. Therefore, dynamic microphones are more used in KTV and live performances.

Condenser microphones are widely used in professional recording studios because of their more sensitive characteristics. It can be said that ninety-nine percent of the microphones used in recording studios are condenser microphones.

If you want to record with a condenser microphone at home, it is best to make a simple acoustic setting of your room, such as putting sound-absorbing cotton on the wall. Otherwise, there will be a lot of noise in your recorded sound, and there may be more serious room reverberation, which is basically an irreparable recording error for the late mixing.

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