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The correct way to hold the microphone

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-04-19

In stage performances, large gatherings or TV programs, microphones are indispensable. However, many users hold wireless microphones in the wrong posture. Because of the wrong use, they can not only use the original factory-owned microphones for a valuable microphone. Superior characteristics, and buried the original sound quality, the result is worse than using a cheap microphone. So how should the microphone be used to make it perform better?

1. Don't catch on the net head of the wireless microphone
Many performers use the method of holding the microphone mesh head with their palms, which is the worst posture that seriously damages the sound quality and directivity of the microphone. Using the microphone in this posture, even if the most expensive microphone is selected, it will also cause the original factory to have the highest quality. The result of holding the mesh head with the palm of the hand is equal to isolating the sound circuit around the capsule air chamber or changing the resonance frequency of the air chamber, which will cause the microphone’s front frequency response characteristics and the separation of the pointing characteristics to be seriously deteriorated. , And the resonance of a certain frequency caused by the convergent effect of the palm of the hand increases the feedback sound. Although the wireless microphone is convenient and safe to use because there is no entanglement in the connection, users often do not worry about the correct posture of holding the microphone, and arbitrarily grasp the net head of the microphone. Such a use posture will inevitably lose the original superior characteristics of the microphone. If a singer wants to use a microphone to reproduce the beautiful original sound of a singing voice, he must first learn the correct posture to hold the microphone. The posture of holding the microphone is very simple. Just remember an important principle: no matter how you hold it, don’t hold it on the head of the microphone; the correct posture should be held on the tube of the microphone.

2. It is forbidden to hold two wireless microphones with one hand

In TV shows, some politicians are often surprised to find that some politicians are holding two or even three wireless microphones in one hand. This is a very wrong way of using. I don’t know if this is the user’s request or the sound engineering company’s "creation". "If it is the former’s instruction, it is excusable. If the latter’s professionals make such an arrangement, three big boards should be whipped! Because when two transmitters with different frequencies are used close together, it will produce internal distortion. Harmonic interference, the closer or the more the frequency, the more serious the interference, and the system that uses multiple channels at the same time will make the problems of mutual interference and reception instability more serious.

In addition to the problem of high-frequency harmonic interference when two or more wireless microphones are close together, the more serious is the phenomenon of audio phase and directional interference of the microphone, which destroys the original normal sound quality of the microphone. When the audio phases of the microphones are the same, the outputs of the two microphones will be added together, causing the volume of the amplifier to increase and generate feedback sound; on the contrary, due to the opposite phase, the output of the microphones will be subtracted, resulting in insufficient volume of the amplifier. The directivity of the microphone will also interfere with each other due to the proximity of the two microphones, which will degrade the original excellent directional characteristics. The degradation of these characteristics is proportional to the distance between the two microphones, so users should avoid holding two microphones in one hand. Or use two or more wireless microphones at the same time to avoid deterioration of volume, frequency response and directivity. Maybe some people think that taking a few more can avoid that if one microphone fails during use, the other one can still be used. In fact, to prevent the abnormal use of the wireless microphone, it is not possible to solve it with this "two boats" method. On the contrary, this wrong use method will bring more serious characteristics change problems. It is recommended to use " "Replace" instead of "simultaneously" can be used to avoid the above-mentioned deficiencies. If multiple microphones must be used at the same time, the distance between the multiple microphones must be at least 30 cm apart to reduce the change in microphone characteristics.

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