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How to choose a karaoke microphone?

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-04-17

The high level of intelligence of modern mobile phones enables mobile phones not only to be used for ordinary K songs, but also to cover and record with professional mobile phone recording equipment, and even to create original songs. If the recorded original sound is not good enough, it will affect the recording work. quality. It is precisely because of these needs that higher requirements are put forward for the fidelity of the sound collected by the microphone. It also makes it more convenient for people who love to sing.

Then there is a field where microphones are used in mobile phone karaoke. Due to the characteristics of high sensitivity and wide frequency response, mobile phone microphones are suitable for high requirements for sound quality clarity and sound reproduction, and are suitable for high-demand mobile phone professional recording. It breaks the problems of complicated connection, bulky carrying and poor compatibility of traditional karaoke equipment. It is fashionable, exquisite and dazzling. It can sing a good voice anytime and anywhere, and it has a happier, more dazzling and more powerful karaoke experience, one hand microphone, one hand display , Easy to carry, free to accompany, take KTV with you.

1. Smartphone

Most of the current mobile karaoke microphones support the operating systems of Apple, Android, and Windows Phone. However, since the headphone/microphone input jacks of some domestic models may not be the international standard version, there may be incompatibility!

2. One-in-two audio adapter
The adapter has two 3.5mm access ports, one for earphones, one for microphones, and a four-segment 3.5mm plug at the end of the phone. Through this adapter, you can connect traditional headsets or handheld condenser microphones. K song on the mobile phone, of course, if the connection is purely a microphone, you also need to be equipped with a headset to listen to the sound. Others are directly designed with a XLR interface on one end, which can be directly connected to a handheld or professional condenser microphone, and the other end is a 3.5mm adapter cable for connecting headphones, so that the mobile phone can be directly connected to the original one at a low price. I connected and used a microphone that can only be used with professional equipment.

3. Monitor headphones
Monitor headphones are headphones without timbre rendering, which are relative to high-fidelity headphones. Through the monitor headphones, you can hear the sound quality that is closest to the reality without any modification. It is widely used in recording studios, dubbing rooms, TV stations, radio stations, and MIDI studios.

4. Achieve live broadcast effect
There are a lot of sound effects, such as laughter, crow, contempt, appearance, etc., which can be realized by downloading the live assistant.

USB Microphone:

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