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What are the precautions for purchasing a wireless microphone?

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-04-17

1. How to buy battery for wireless microphone transmitter
In order to ensure that the signal distortion and frequency interference will not occur during normal use of the system, sufficient batteries must be used. It is best to choose AA batteries when purchasing.

2. How to prevent and avoid external interference to wireless microphones
Before purchasing a non-inverter microphone, you should clarify the transmission frequency of the local TV station. When purchasing, you should stagger the transmission frequency of the TV station to avoid interference. When purchasing multiple wireless microphone systems, you should also pay attention that the frequency of each system cannot be repeated. To avoid mutual interference when the frequency overlaps.

3. How to use the antenna correctly to ensure the signal stability

When using multiple sets of wireless microphone systems, if it is the same series of products, it is best to use an antenna splitter if possible to minimize the mutual interference between the antennas. If there is no antenna splitter, the wireless microphone should be received first The antenna of the receiver is adjusted to the best position, and then placed in parallel. Keep a proper distance between each wireless microphone receiver (the antennas on each receiver cannot touch each other), so that each receiver has a better In order to improve the directivity of the wireless receiver and avoid the mutual interference between frequencies, to obtain a better wireless signal. In addition, it is better to install extended antennas or active amplified antennas for large-scale performances to improve reception.

Fourth, how to make the wireless microphone play the best effect
In order to make the wireless microphone play the best effect, the relationship between the transmitter output level gain, the receiver output gain and the mixer input gain must be handled properly. If it is not handled properly, the sound may be suppressed and there is no penetrating power. Or the sound is distorted or even excessive.
The transmitter [audio output port] is mainly used to connect SLRs, cameras, and other audio equipment.
The receiver can be used to connect headphones for real-time monitoring, mainly to connect external audio equipment, etc.

5. What do the VHF and UHF of the wireless microphone mean?
VHF wireless microphone: Divided into two types of low frequency and high frequency.
The low frequency uses the VHF50MHz frequency band. Because of the low frequency, the antenna length is too long, and it is most susceptible to interference from various electrical clutter.
The high frequency uses the VHF200MHz frequency band. Because of the higher frequency, the antenna is shorter, and it can even be designed as a hidden antenna, which is convenient, safe and beautiful. The clutter interference of the receiver is greatly reduced. The circuit design is extremely mature and the parts are popular at a price. low.
UHF wireless microphone: Use a wireless microphone with a frequency of 300-3000M. Because the interference of V-segment walkie-talkies is avoided, the stability is greatly improved.

6. So what is the difference between "VHF" and "UHF"?
"VHF" belongs to the low frequency band, and the signal reception is very poor. The stability of the signal cannot be guaranteed when there are obstacles about 5 meters.
The "UHF" frequency band received signal is relatively stable, and it is not too big for indoor venues, and it can meet the demand without obstacles.
If it is used in a complex environment, a true diversity wireless microphone must be used, and a single microphone dual-channel signal reception must be used.

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