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What should I do if the wireless microphone crosses the frequency

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-04-16

Solutions to common wireless microphone string frequency:

1. Connect the negative terminal of the 9V battery holder of the wireless microphone with an enameled wire wound into a dense spiral, and fix it on the back of the tongue plate of the tail of the wireless microphone. The V section is longer (winding to the end at a diameter of 2.5MM and then back to the starting point), and the U section is shorter (It is squashed at the end of the diameter 4MM).

2. Only need to connect the negative pole of the 9V battery with the battery casing, so that the transmitting antenna of the wireless microphone can be extended through the battery casing, which can increase the transmission distance and prevent segment frequency and frequency running.

3. Those who have the ability to disassemble wireless microphones. .Extract the tail more than two inches to expose the half-inch multi-circuit board, find the position of the launch tube, solder it to the 1P capacitor (or a few P capacitors and the smallest capacitor) and wind it into a dense spiral with enameled wire, and fix it in the tail slot of the wireless microphone , The outer diameter of the spiral is about less than the width of the groove, and it is flattened and fixed in the groove. Note: The wireless microphone with No. 5 battery is not suitable for this, because the wireless microphone with No. 5 battery already uses the battery shell.

4. If the frequency band is staggered. Please open the cover of the serial frequency receiver, and keep the antenna lead-in wire away from the inductance and mid-periphery, and go high or aside to prevent the antenna signal from directly entering the inductance and mid-periphery (causing secondary tuning). There may be some effects, you can give it a try.

5. Sometimes the frequency points are staggered and it is useless. Use multiple wireless frequency points in the same place. Two of the frequency points will produce the third frequency point, just like throwing two rocks in the river, and the third wave will be generated after the interference of the two waves. Since the frequencies of the two waves are similar, the third wave is also similar to him. The third wave will interfere with their "uncles and aunts". Under normal circumstances, the factory will avoid this situation in advance, but there are also unavoidable things. Therefore, through practice, we must understand which frequency points are the frequency points that can live in harmony.

6. When purchasing VHF or UHF microphones, the frequency should generally be staggered at least 25KHz or more.

7. The length of the antenna is inversely proportional to the frequency. The higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength and the shorter the antenna.

So what is the working principle of a wireless microphone?
The two working wireless microphones actually work with each other. One is the transmitter and the other is the receiver. So what does the information on the button mean, and how do the transmitter and receiver link frequencies?

USB Microphone:

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