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How to improve the transmission effect and quality of the wireless microphone system

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How to match the receiver with the antenna system to get the best transmission effect

The transmission effect of the wireless microphone system depends on the purpose of use, the selection of the most appropriate receiver, the most appropriate antenna system and the installation design to achieve the best reception quality. The following application examples illustrate the basic principles and provide users for reference.
1 Single-unit single-channel and single-unit multi-channel receivers for short-distance use indoors or outdoors
This is the most basic use case of a wireless microphone system. For home karaoke, small meeting rooms or small concerts, choose MIPRO's MR series receivers and use a pair of standard single-pole whip antennas (Whip Antenna) in the accessories to directly Install it on the antenna input socket, straighten it and lock it. Although it is used for short-distance reception indoors or outdoors, the principle of maintaining stable reception and avoiding noise interference is the principle. Since the metal chassis is equivalent to the other half of the antenna component of the 1/4 wavelength grounding terminal, the antenna and the receiver chassis should be kept as vertical as possible. . The receiving antenna should be as far away as possible from metal obstacles and noise interference sources in order to obtain the best receiving effect.

2 Single-unit single-channel, dual-channel and four-channel receivers for long-distance use indoors or outdoors
For stage performances or special environments that require long-distance receivers, in addition to using professional models with automatic channel selection, special attention must be paid to the installation of the antenna system. MIPRO's ACT series receivers will be equipped with a pair of standard coaxial antennas (Coaxial Antenna) to provide basic applications. Just install the equipped antenna directly on the antenna input socket before use, and straighten the fixed lock. .
If you need to use a longer distance or use it in a fixed environment in the lobby, to maintain good reception quality, you can use the AT-70 extension antenna to replace the coaxial antenna, erect the antenna upside down or hang it upside down on the ceiling, and use the antenna coaxial cable directly Connect to the antenna input socket of the receiver. The higher the receiving antenna is from the ground, the farther the receiving distance will be. However, because the coaxial cable is stretched too far, signal transmission loss will be caused. Therefore, the diameter of the coaxial cable must be thickened or the AT-70B antenna strong wave device must be installed. Make up for cable transmission loss. As for the power supply of the strong wave device, it can be directly supplied by the antenna base with the antenna bias voltage.
When used in a long-distance environment with more interference signals, use the AT-90T logarithmic directional receiving antenna instead of AT-70, point the antenna to the direction of the wireless microphone, and use a stand to fix it vertically, because the antenna gain is relatively high. High, better reception effect can be obtained. If you need a longer cable, you can use AT-90R active logarithmic directional receiving antenna instead of AT-90T, because the built-in strong wave device can obtain enough gain to make up for the loss of cable transmission.

When three or more units are put together for multi-channel reception, an AD-707 must be added. Connect the antenna of each receiver to the splitter and then share a pair of built-in antennas or an external extension antenna to increase the receiving distance and Receive the effect.

3 Long-distance use of four channels or more indoors or outdoors
If four ACT series single-channel receivers are used in combination, an AD-707 antenna splitter must be installed. Connect the antenna of each receiver to the splitter and share a pair of built-in coaxial antennas for reception, or an external extension Antenna to increase the receiving distance and receiving effect.
Using MIPRO an ACT-74P professional or ACT-74 practical four-channel receiver is the most sensible design, which is the most space-saving and the most economical, and because the receiver has a dedicated active antenna splitter, There is no need to attach an antenna splitter, as long as you follow the above-mentioned single receiver antenna installation method, you can get the best reception effect.

4 Simultaneous long-distance use indoors or outdoors within 16 channels
When using up to 16 channels at the same time in professional stage performances, fixed hall environments and long-distance complex environments, use MIPRO four ACT-74P professional four-channel receivers, with an AD-707 antenna splitter, and then connect A pair of AT-90T logarithmic directional antennas, or connected to AT-90R active logarithmic directional antennas for long-distance use, constitute a set of 16 channels with the most perfect function, the most saving installation space, the easiest installation and the most economical gold combination. Because AT-90T and AT-90R have high-sensitivity reception gains for the signals of the receiving frequency band and direction of use, they are distributed to the antenna input of each receiver through AD-707, and then are allocated by the built-in dedicated distribution of each receiver. It distributes the signal received by the antenna to each channel without loss, so that each channel can obtain the best noise-to-signal ratio reception under the most stable conditions without interference.

5 Design principles for the best transmission effect of a multi-channel wireless microphone system
Choose the model with the largest number of channels built in each receiver, and the design of an active antenna splitter (such as: ACT-74P/74) inside the receiver can maintain the receiving sensitivity without attenuation.
When using extended antennas with more than two receivers, it is best to install an antenna splitter to integrate the antennas of each receiver.
For more than three receivers, an antenna splitter must be installed to integrate each receiver. Use a pair of coaxial antennas built in the splitter. If a pair of extended antenna systems are used to replace the built-in coaxial antennas, the reception can be increased. Distance and improve reception quality.
According to the distance that the wireless microphone system hopes to use, select the antenna system according to the calculation method of "How to design the antenna system of the receiver".
In a multi-channel system using more than two or four antenna splitters, you can use one more antenna splitter to connect the antenna system of these antenna splitters in series, but the cascading of more than three antenna splitters will gradually cause the reception The effect is degraded. Therefore, MIPRO’s current receivers each have a maximum of four channels. If the system exceeds 64 channels, it is best to combine another system to maintain the best reception.
Selecting the directional antenna system (AT-90R) can provide better reception quality to the received signal within the use direction in an environment with more complex signal interference. The selection of the antenna system is closely related to the signal transmission quality. You can refer to the following design instructions for the antenna system.

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