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10 common mistakes of novice recording, you can avoid it after you know it

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1. When recording vocals, the input volume of the sound card is too high
It can be said that this is the most common mistake for novice recording. This problem is not only for sound card + microphone equipment. When we adjust the volume output knob of the linked microphone to more than 80%, different sound cards or microphones will appear. Different degrees of distortion, and this kind of distortion cannot be repaired in any way during the later mixing process. We will not explain the issue of "clipping" in this issue. In layman's terms, this distortion can be understood as:
The input sound signal exceeds the greater limit of the audio signal that can be played "elegantly".
Therefore, during the recording process, we try to avoid turning the input knob of the sound card. As long as the recorded vocals can be heard clearly, a qualified mixer can compensate for the volume through various methods, but once distortion occurs, It’s very difficult to repair it later
Sound card input volume control
Of course, there are other reasons that cause the recording to be clipped, such as the microphone being too close, etc., but controlling the input volume of the sound card and the microphone is a step to record excellent vocals. It is recommended that you use a setting between 65% and 80% for recording. When using the mobile APP for recording or online singing, try to leave at least 10% leeway.

2. When recording vocals, the input volume of the sound card is too low
I just talked about the problem of excessive recording volume. Of course, too small a sound is not a good choice. If the input settings of the sound card or microphone are too conservative, it is easy to amplify the noise in the environment during audio post-production, so that when the volume of the human voice is appropriate, you may hear something like: air conditioner, car, cats and dogs The sounds of dogs, children next door, etc...
However, compared to one, more novices tend to record the sound too loudly, and rarely will it be too quiet. Sometimes it’s too far away and it’s not clear that it’s recorded.

3. The microphone is pointing incorrectly during recording
Speaking of it seems a bit redundant, Yazi, is there any direction for the microphone? ? ?
Regardless of whether you are using a condenser microphone or a dynamic microphone, each microphone has a fixed receiving direction. It is better to record the direction of the microphone when recording, and it may cause echo and reverberation problems in the pointing range. Take control.
When you buy a microphone, you can check the manual of the microphone. Common microphones can pick up the sound at an angle of 60 to 120 degrees in front of it, but:

4. The microphone is too close when recording
Whether you use a mobile phone microphone or a condenser microphone to record, when the distance to the microphone is too close, it will cause many problems. The two most obvious problems are:
1. The low frequency of human voice is significantly higher than normal.
2. The dynamic range of the human voice is too large.
Many friends want their voices to sound thicker, so when they feel that they are very close to the microphone, they seem to be "warmer". In fact, in this case, stay away from it. There are various types of mixing. Ways can make it thicker and more muddy, but this operation will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble during recording.
Unless, you are a sexy male radio anchor, and being close to the microphone at this time is really interesting. . .
Another problem with singing too close to the microphone is that it is impossible for a person to keep his head still while singing, so during the recording process, the volume and tone of the sound will become obvious due to slight shaking. It is easy to record the sound "suddenly far and near."
Therefore, whether you are using a mobile phone microphone or a professional microphone, whether in a bedroom or a recording studio, do not sing too close to the microphone, and keep at least an adult's fist about the size of the distance. Gently take your microphone forward, you will instantly ️, do you understand what I mean?

Five, hope for very expensive recording equipment
In fact, spending a lot of money to buy recording equipment such as microphones, sound cards, etc. will not significantly improve your recording quality. If you check the precautions mentioned in this article one by one, you will find that it is practical iPhone Memo and earphones for audio recording, and after careful processing, we can make high-quality cover or original songs that meet the requirements of major platforms:
Changing the recording method is more important than changing the equipment;
Dealing with the recording environment is more important than spending money on equipment;
It is more important to focus on the quality of the recording than to modify the sound.

So, what are the benefits of more expensive and higher-quality recording equipment? Here is my understanding:
When you already have a qualified microphone, sound card, and recording environment, better recording and monitoring equipment sometimes brings us not higher quality, but a special [texture]. But texture is not easy to quantify. Different people have different preferences. At the stage of limited budget, we should know that the music we make is finally for other people to listen to, music that can meet the quality indicators. Generally, there is no need to invest a lot of money in audio equipment. These high-priced "epic equipment" more often have effects similar to game skins.
Friendly reminder: Processing vocals requires many steps such as recording, mixing, and mastering. In the recording step, don’t bring too many thoughts, and it is unnecessary to spend a lot of money to refine it. It is even better to spend some money on your The sound is processed by a professional mixer,

6. Use a sound card with "sound effects" for recording, or use a lot of pre-effects
Many small partners will buy effect cards with a lot of "effects" when they buy sound cards. These sound cards will advertise that they come with many sound effects and even special effects. At this time, we should pay attention!
These sound cards are for live broadcasting, not professional recording sound cards. Because most of these preset sound card effects have some indescribable processing on the original audio, when you send these sounds to your mixer, It's not what we usually call "dry sound", so when buying a sound card, you must ask the seller if this sound card is used for recording, and if there are many sound effects preset.
Don’t worry if you have already purchased a live sound card. We can choose to use the "recording" mode or the "dry sound" mode in the sound card when there is no plan to update the device in the short term, but there is still a difference between this and the real dry sound. If there is a big difference, it is better to use a professional recording sound card if you have the opportunity. In terms of price, the recording sound card is not much more expensive than the live sound card, but the purpose of the two is different. Friends who have questions about the purchase and setting of the sound card can leave a message for consultation. Don’t act without authorization when you’re not sure~
On the other hand, for more advanced players, some pre-effects may be used in the recording process, including hardware speech amplifiers, compressors or software effects. If you know the effects of these devices and have some experience in using them, you can try to use these effects to pre-modify the human voice.

Seven, do not deal with the reverberation in the room
In fact, dealing with the reverberation in the room is not as complicated as everyone thinks, and the cost is also very low. It can be said that any bedroom can be transformed into a sufficiently qualified recording studio within 500 yuan.
All that needs to be done is to put more sound-absorbing sponges in the room.
Don't underestimate the role of these things. It can be said that in a relatively quiet environment, sound-absorbing sponges can solve 80% of the problems in recording echo, but they are really cheap! If it is not convenient to stick a sponge at home, but your friends don’t need to be afraid, let’s talk about two degradation solutions:
1. Not all of the sponges have adhesive backing. They can be posted in the bedroom by hanging or transparent glue. The coverage area of the sponge does not need to reach 100%. After processing 40% of the area of each exposed wall Has obvious effect;
2. A similar effect can be achieved by placing clothes, beds, sofas and other items in the room.
Regarding the acoustic layout of the room, there are some more complicated statements. Simply speaking, from the recording point of view, try to fill the room with as many things as possible to make it less empty, and you can get a good improvement effect.
Fully covered sound-absorbing recording studio
Important: Promise me not to record in the toilet.

8. No blowout cover
I won’t explain it. What can I explain for ten dollars? ? ?
It's cheap, but it's important
OMG, buy it!

Nine, the microphone is too close to the wall
When the microphone is too close to the wall, it is easy to collect more but reflected sounds. When these sounds are recorded together with the human voice, they often produce some strange but indescribable accumulation of sound waves.
If there is no way to place the microphone close to the corner of the room in the room, at least some simple sound absorption treatment should be done on the wall behind the microphone, which will greatly improve the muddy recording effect. If there is no better way, you can find a down jacket or a small quilt and place it next to the wall where the microphone is close to, and it will have a certain effect.

10. The recording time is too long
Many friends want to record the audio track they want at one time when they have inspiration. Whether they are using a mobile phone or a computer to record, they will encounter a situation where they have recorded a lot but have been dissatisfied.
It is recommended to take a break and drink some water before continuing. On the one hand, it helps to protect the throat. On the other hand, after the vocal cords have been opened, a short break can make it more relaxed, and it is easier to give yourself a relaxed mood and record the sound.
Especially when recording in sub-tracks, if the consistency of the vocal cords is not good, there will be a feeling of "splicing", making the front and back voices of a piece of work sound inharmonious.

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