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How to choose the most suitable vocal microphone?

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-04-08

Everyone's voice is unique, which builds the artistry and fun of singing. Each voice has its own unique sound wave characteristics, which makes your own voice different from others. Many bands have similar instrumental arrangements and the same style, but their songs sound very different. This is one of the reasons-the difference in the lead singer distinguishes the two.

But from male voice to female voice, from rough to smooth, from darkness to brightness, there are almost inexhaustible indicators of different voices, and none of them are the same. So this also means that no microphone can fully capture the differences in these voices.

It should be noted that each microphone has its own unique frequency attribute, which mainly refers to the frequency response, but fundamentally speaking, no matter how straight the frequency curve described in the microphone manual is, each The microphone will still apply its own frequency properties to the audio it picks up. Therefore, without knowing the characteristics of the microphone, it is obviously a blind view to think that a certain microphone is the "best".

Although we all hope to get the best microphone, what we can do is not to choose an excellent microphone, but to choose a microphone that best matches the voice. The microphone that best matches the vocal's voice is for you. It is the best vocal microphone, and the best combination is the best.

So do you understand? What you need to look for is not the most expensive or XX recommended microphone. What you need is the microphone that best suits your voice.

For example, if you have a bright female lead singer. So many traditional condenser microphones may not be suitable for her (because these microphones tend to bring slightly excessive high-frequency tooth sounds). What we need is to cut high frequencies, so we should choose a tube microphone with a darker and warmer tone and a high-frequency roll-off function. Or, dynamic wheat and aluminum strip wheat are also feasible.

The reverse is also true: a full, warm and deep male voice, if there is no microphone with a certain brightness to open the scene, I am afraid it is difficult to give him too many highlights during the mixing process. Therefore, a brighter microphone is the perfect match for this voice. In fact, all this is to choose the right microphone and vocal combination.

If we can have most types of microphones and enough time, then we can find the best microphones for all kinds of sounds. But who has such time and money? But if you are hesitant to choose one because you have two microphones, a simple test can help you make the choice.

To complete this test, all you need are two microphones with different hearing senses. They can be of different types, such as condenser mics and dynamic mics. Or two microphones of the same type with different frequency responses. Regardless of whether it is a borrowed microphone or a purchased one, all we need are two microphones to complete this test.

Place the two microphones in a similar sound field and connect them to the two front-end ports of the audio interface, and the two front-ends should be exactly the same. Next, through the operation of the recording software, start recording two single tracks for them at the same time, and let your lead singer sing a short phrase.

After recording, compare two different audio tracks, which one sounds better? Which is the most complementary to other sounds? Once you get the answer, a microphone that is more suitable for your voice is found.

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